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Roll Up! The Carnival is in town. Only 10k tickets to mint. Come purchase yours from Ada and his friends!  Something Strange is happening at the Cardano Carnival!  On a cool Novembers day in 2021, the Cardano Carnival crew arrived at their next location, which unbeknown to them was an old neuclear testing facility. Little did they know, but the future for the carnivals 6 clowns (Ada, ZoZo, Al Cardano, Ginge, Doh and Georgie) was not looking good!  After a long and hard day pitching up the big top ready for the opening night, Ada the clown and his clownies had a dip in the nearby lake and fell asleep under the stars. That night something astonishing happened! The water supply they’d been using was tainted with neuclear waste and through some unfortunate miracle all 6 clowns started mutating and multiplying rapidly into 10,000 unique variations of themselves… This was just the start of the crazyness to come at the Cardano Carnival.  For all carnies entering the carnival, there will be 10,000 tickets for sale in the form of an NFT accompanied by your own personal clown, which will be your guide through the fun and exciting tour as the project unfolds.  Check out our roadmap for more info on what’s to come!

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