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The ROBOROBO is a collection of unique randomly generated 3D robot NFTs – there will be multiple seasons. Each ROBOROBO comes with a random set of traits & weapons that set the overall strength factor for the ROBOROBO NFT. Your ROBOROBO NFT can battle other ROBOROBO NFTs to win $ROBO tokens. The higher your ROBOROBO strength factor, the higher the probability of winning battles. You’ll be able to buy power-ups and upgrades using your $ROBO tokens to increase your robot’s overall rank and increase your chances of winning (to be released). The game will be deployed on the Cardano Blockchain and is compatible with wallets such as Nami Wallet (required to mint your ROBOROBO, trade it in marketplaces, or to send $ROBO tokens for battles). ROBOROBO NFTs are player-owned assets using the CIP 721 standard, which is the community proposed CNFT standard.

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