Parallel Universe Collectorupcoming nftBased on good quality art, we plan to strengthen IP value by holding an IP expansion contest and release NFTs based on it to bring value to holders.2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021 18:00 UTC
Cranky Crittersupcoming nftA collection of 6,000 randomly generated NFTs on the blockchain. These Critters have had the worst day and are about to flip out.0.06 ETH6000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/21 20:00 (UTC)
DeAngelsupcoming nft5% royalty shares, breeding, mini game. DeAngels - you don't want to miss it!0.1 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Slotie NFTupcoming nftSloties are your ticket into the largest and fastest-growing online Casino network on the blockchain. With our ultra utility NFT, get Passive Income, Stake your NFTs and generate additional revenue.0.08 Eth presale; 0.16 Eth Public sale.10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/7/2021

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Ratty Ratsupcoming nftRatty Rats is a collection of 2222 Filthy Rats coming from the cheeseland to take the solana community with cheeseMint price- 0.75 SOLMint Date- 5 PM UTC, 6 DECEMBER 2021No of whitelist spots - 3330.75 SOL 2222TwitterDiscordWebsite12/6/2021
The Life Of Mojiupcoming nftThe Life Of Moji is the first animated series based on nft's that is co-owned by the community.Dominc Jordan, co-founder worked with people such as Justin Bieber, TY Dolla $ign, Sam Smith, Chris Brown0.1 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/6/2021
Solluminati upcoming nftSolluminati is a product-based NFT project with the NFT giving access to a data analytics tool suite dedicated to Solana NFT ecosystem. 6666 algorithmically generated from hand-drawn layers NFTs2 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsite12/6/2021
Pe-Bo Passupcoming nftPe-Bo Pass has the role of giving access to the early apps developed by Pe-Bo. The artwork will come with many benefits especially in early stages. You can find more on the website or in whitepaper.0.06550TwitterDiscordWebsite1/6/2022
Tina Eisen’s KissMas NFT Dropupcoming nftKissMas is a collection of 254 art pieces designed by Tina Eisen. Dec 6th to all White List members - 0.12 eth Dec 15th to the general public - 0.15 eth0.12 ETH (White list), 0.15 eth (General Public)254Twitterno linkWebsite12/6/2021
WEBZEEupcoming nft Inspired by contemporary art, neo-expressionism & graffiti street art, WEBZEE's world is a collection of pretty dope NFTs.0.1 ETH3450TwitterDiscordWebsite12/7/2021
Statistics RPG NFTupcoming nft6666 NFT unique statistics living in the Solana BlockchainSolana Blockchain RPG Game0.99 sol6666TwitterDiscordWebsite12/7/2021
Slotie NFTupcoming nftSloties are your ticket into the largest and fastest-growing online Casino network on the blockchain. With our ultra utility NFT, get Passive Income, Stake your NFTs and generate additional revenue.0.08 Eth presale; 0.16 Eth Public sale.10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/7/2021
Urban Desi Women upcoming nftThe first Desi Women NFT project Every woman is a manifestation of Shakti.Prepare to be dazzled by inspiring, rare and exotic forms of Indian beauty captured in a rich collection of 10.000 nfts!🙏🏼0.05 ETH10TwitterDiscordWebsite12/7/2021
World of Ataraxiaupcoming nftWorld of Ataraxia is a MMO metaverse game that allows players from all over the world to play together. Interacting and working together to grow the community. Game alpha demo is coming soon.100 MATIC10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
Long Ween Clubupcoming nftA collection of 5,555 wiener dogs, born on Solana! Mint a ween and start earning weekly airdrops of Ween Token, the official meme token of wiener lovers everywhere!0.75 SOL5,555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
Gapettes on Solupcoming nftGapettes on Sol are the premium version of the Gapes on Sol! 696 female Gapes ready to be minted!0.69 SOL696TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
Santa Apes | Christmas Clubupcoming nftSanta Apes is a unique collection of 10,000 NFT art pieces meticulously crafted with Christmas spirit by our elf @drew_detzler.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
EtherFoldsupcoming nftEtherFolds are 10.000 procedurally generated banner-sized NFTs, folding space and time in the Ethereum blockchain. 0.04ETH, 0.02 in pre-sale0.4 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
PoopStarsupcoming nftThe PoopStars, 100 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain. 0.05100TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
Creepy Creams: Mecha Meltersupcoming nftThe second drop in the Creepy Creams metaverse: Mecha Melters. 6000 Mecha Champions from all corners of the metaverse form a resistance to the never-ending hordes of Creepy Creams. 0.05 ETH6000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/8/2021
MeanMenupcoming nftMean Men is a collection of dynamic & inspirational men in a project that’s mission is to shine a light on the obstacles men face emotionally in society while promoting self-love. 0.33 SOL1818TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
ColombianPunksupcoming nft8,765 randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each property is thoughtfully designed and picked with the Colombian culture engraved in their soul. $600,000K in giveaways!0.04 ETH8765TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
VinylBitsupcoming nftVinylBits is a collection of 4,200 digitally handcrafted Vinyl Art NFT’s heavily inspired by the vibrant and colorful styles of the 70's and 80's running on the Ethereum blockchain.0.054200TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
GoriByteupcoming nftGoriByte is a collection of 5,000 unique. unique digital collectibles live on the Ethereum blockchain. as GoriByte NFT functions such as breed, claims, community giveaway.0.07 ETH5000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
Space Bananas NFTupcoming nftWe want to build the world's first metaverse incubator for Solana NFTs. Imagine a world where Solana NFTs can have its own planet in a digital galaxy, the Solana Galaxy!0.423,333TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
LOST SOLS CLUBupcoming nft3,512 hand-drawn NFTs w/hand-painted backgrounds. Fungible token airdrops, % of royalties to sweep floor, charity donations, epic lore video, doxxed team, play-to-earn game, DAO, and more.0.25 SOL3,512TwitterDiscordWebsite12/9/2021
High Smugglers Clubupcoming nft5555 High Smugglers who are smuggling to come by, help them smuggle al the way to the moon! 0.04 ETH5555TwitterDiscordno link12/9/2021
Billionaire Tiger Clubupcoming nftThe Billionaire Tiger Club (BLNTC) is a Solana Elite Members Club of 9,000 unique NFTs located on Terra Tiger. 8940 of them are programmatically generated. The remaining 60 are fully hand-drawn.1 SOL9000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Sol Amphibians - Gen 0upcoming nftSOL AMPHIBIANS - Gen 0 4,444 Unique 3D NFTs. Incl AI Living on the SOL Chain! Breeding 4 a Free Baby AMPHIBIAN!% of Royalties go to the AWC 3D P Code 4 Holders Fun Community w Support After Mint!0.2 SOL4,444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
PeaBotsupcoming nftPeaBots is the first Japanese female led 10,000 generative NFT collectibles. Building Nexto Art, a rare & unique art hub to support extremely talented but disadvantaged artists from Japan and Asia.0.03 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
RobotHeadsupcoming nftWe are a collection of various Robot Heads on the Solana Blockchain. 0.2 SOL2,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Divine Birdsupcoming nftDivine Birds, 4,444 Unique birds based on Greek mythology with 4 different factions! .65 sol presale, .85 public sale4,444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Chimp Clubupcoming nftChimp Club is a collection of 10,000 unique and randomly assembled Chimp NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.0.03 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021 15:00 UTC
Droll Dinosupcoming nftDroll Dinos is a unique NFTs collection, stored directly on-chain, created by a custom software co-developed with my 6 YEARS OLD DOUGHTER. Collection is limited to 4,055 NFT art.0.024055TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Bullrun Moonboys Clubupcoming nftBMC is 2,021 crypto culture inspired NFTs on Solana. Each Moonboy will give you exclusive access to the BMC coin and NFT calls Discord channels and a free airdropped Bearmarket Moonboy NFT in 2022.0.5 SOL2,021TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Thugz upcoming nftInspired by the T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. popularized by 2Pac.For this collection, 911 Thugz will be available, (including 11 Mythics)Adhere to a project and human values. PFP & Play to earn0.6 Sol911TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Psycho Pigeons NFTupcoming nftPsycho Pigeon are 4,444 3D 8K NFT collection based on Solana network.Part of our royalties go to charity organization. We want to create 3D Psycho Pigeons that you can use in the Metaverse.0.75 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
The Heartbreakersupcoming nftThe Heartbreakers collection was inspired by a love of animals and cartoons and reflects the uniqueness, sexuality, strength, and beauty of female characters. 0.06 ETH8,888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Solana Santa Businessupcoming nftMissed! Solana Monkey Business, then don't miss SSB.3333 Santas generative NFTs, with Christmas NFT gifts, P2E game, Charities, Launchpad (5 % rewards) for game, 200 unique traits1 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Rogue Pandasupcoming nftVirtual META Casino | Profits and Proceeds dropped into Rogue Panda NFT holder wallet.Mutant Panda, coming in Phase 2 and Mutant Potions Launching at 100% Mint.1 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
SolBees NFT - Hivesupcoming nftSolBees is a AR based gaming NFT project with the NFT giving access to premium experiences & access to P2E game in MetaHIVE ecosystem. Hives NFT is the Free Mint Pass of SolBees NFTS.Free Mint2500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Caturday Tales NFTupcoming nftCaturday Tales is a collection of randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum. Join the litter and benefit from shaping a new brand!.045 ETH5555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/10/2021
Mighty Mongoosesupcoming nftMighty Mongooses are a collection of unique 4,444 Male Mongooses and 4,444 Female Mongooses NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens with an initial purchasing cost of 0.07 ETH. 0.07 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Anti Facial Facial Clubupcoming nftAFFC who are we? Our NFT collection is on the ETH Chain with 6969 Facialed-Girls! Hold it for FREE airdrops of $AFFC, stake for $AFFC. P2E game will also be released! Join giveaways and whitelists!0.05 ETH6969TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Pop Culture Apesupcoming nftPop Culture Apes are a collection of 7500 hand drawn apes living on the Solana blockchain. The apes are called Milos and display varied levels of rarity based on recognizable pop culture attributes..075-1.5 SOL7500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021 TBA
Stoner Sharks upcoming nft10,000 unique Stoner Sharks 0.0710,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Butterfly soulsupcoming nft5555 butterfly souls glimmered as they flew in the Solana blockchain. Butterfly Souls NFT, aim to deliver more than a simple NFT to sell. 0.5 SOL555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Shuffle Sharksupcoming nftShuffle Sharks are 10.000 pixelated creatures living in The CryptoSea, the defining NFT metaverse on Solana blockchain. We make NFT a vital experience and protect our world´s marine ecosystem.Pre-Sale: 0,33 SOL // Public Sale: 0,66 SOL10TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Adult Fantasy NFTupcoming nftAdult Fantasy (with an award-winning animation team from Marvel, Cartoon Network, & Adult Swim) features a crowdsourced, community-built, superhero universe w/ 1ST-OF-ITS-KIND collectible NFT grading.0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Night Fall Zeroupcoming nftUp-and-coming battle arena #NFT game, set in a post-apocalyptic future.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
The Memorable: Hero Signed NFTsupcoming nftThe Memorable launch first ever MEMORABILIA DAO + Digital memorabilia collection of 30 signed NFTs. Drop #1 - Forrest, Chelsea F.C., John Paul II + Al Pacino. Limited editions of 50/99 only. 0,08 ETH248TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Future Punkz DAOupcoming nft4444 Unique NFTs Collection. Cryptopunkz, BAYC , Metaverse land are part of the roadmap!2 tokens - 2 wallets - 2 divisions -1 WINNERPsychics vs AlchemistsThis is a brand new and unique concept!0.03ETH4444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/11/2021
Ordinary Solupcoming nftOrdinary Sol is a collection of Ordinary Solana people designed handmade with generative style, The NFT Design is Handpicked 1/1. The total of the NFT artwork will be limited to 666 Ordinary People.0.75666TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
SquidInk: Eno | The Lostupcoming nftEno is a collection of 6246 humanoid squid that were once thought to be lost forever, but have instead returned to eliminate humanity in order to save the planet.50 Matic6,246TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
SupBirdsupcoming nftSupBirds are 5000 unique bird characters that live on Ethereum Blockchain. Each Sup Bird comes with proof of ownership, represented by the ERC721 standard. Join The best NFT community 0.085000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
SOLAJUMP NFT GAME upcoming nftMint your Solajumper for 1 SOL, and get 10 lives in the Genesis tournament.Don't wait and jump in the competition to be one of the winners !Join our discord network for more information .1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Ayahuasca Artupcoming nftUnique collection of 500 randomly generated artworks inspired by the ancestral Amazon ritual. Each instance explores an abstract composition of curves, motion, and colors.0.5 SOL500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Station Twelve Space Podsupcoming nft5,000 space-themed virtual real estate NFTs distributed across 8 different planets within the Station Twelve solar system.1 SOL5,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Retro Pixiezupcoming nftOnce upon a time there was a collection of 3333 pixelated fairies living on the Ethereum blockchain - a yield earning protocol combining NFT's, Defi & gaming0.1ETH3333TwitterDiscordno link12/12/2021
Hipster Hamster Cafeupcoming nftThe Hipster Hamster Cafe is an upcoming Ethereum IMX collection with 10,000 Hamster NFT's made from over 400 unique traits. Utility includes a series of free NFT mints for holders and breeding.0.0610000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Cardano Cutsupcoming nft1500 Handdrawn Generative knives. Holders are given airdrops, giveaways, and many more benefits to come. Website: twitter.com/cardanocuts Discord: https://discord.gg/MuD8tgR62cTwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/21 10:00 AM
Zi Project - First Arrivals Dropupcoming nftChill and worriless creatures on their way to Earth. An NFT project powered by Cardano Blockchain. Website: zi-project.io Discord:Twitterno linkWebsite12/12/21 04:00 PM
Tokenpussupcoming nftWe are Tokenpuss of the Metaverse! There are only 10,033 of us in the exclusive NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain backed by major crypto influencers & celebrities. https://www.tokenpuss.com/10033TwitterDiscordno link12/12/2021
Dreamverseupcoming nftDreamverse is a world in the metaverse , possibilities of future and alternative realities.Dreamverse created by digital artists imaginative dreamscapes. 0,618 SOL6180TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Ghetto Sharkhoodupcoming nftGhetto SharkHood is a limited collection of 10,000 Ghetto Shark NFTs swimming in the Ethereum blockchain0.09 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Blockologyupcoming nftBlockology aims to be the ideology of the Metaverse. We believe in protecting the open metaverse, worship the virtual simulation and our mission to drive mankind towards the technological singularity.0.07 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
The Familyupcoming nftWe will have a collection of 20k NFTs, our own cryptocurrency and we will work with the metaverse! Tons of giveaways! NFT holders will have access to our yearly private events.140 MATIC20000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/12/2021
Stickmanupcoming nftThe simplest and most absurd collection of NFTS1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/13/2021
Rabbit Random Crewupcoming nftThe 3D high-quality collective base of the 3,000 RABBITs ready to dominate the Solana blockchain world0.65 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/13/2021
The Cult DAOupcoming nftLaunching a collectible DAO through the sale of NFT collection 3D avatars!0.05 ETH20000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/13/2021
Seoul Starsupcoming nftIntroducing the metaverse’s first-ever KPOP artist: Yuna. Designed by leading K-pop artist agency, HUMAP, with input from famous K-pop stars, Yuna will release her own album and host virtual concerts!2.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/13/2021
Heroes of Argentumupcoming nft10,000 heroes have been programmatically generated on the Solana Blockchain, each with unique characteristics and different traits. The NFTs will double as an access key to our exclusive club.0.1 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsite12/13/2021
Mutant Mingosupcoming nftMutant Mingos is a collection of 10,000 NFTs living on the Ethereum network - hold our NFTs and earn digital land in the metaverse like Sandbox! Minting on Dec. 13th at 10:00pm UTC!0.0710,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/13/2021
PunkDINOSupcoming nftPunk Dinos part of Metaverse known as DinoVERSE. Having a PunkDino NFT guarantees a place in the DinoVerse i.e. you will be assigned a land mass within the DinoVerse on its launch for FREE.0.049 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
Warzone FREAKZupcoming nftThe most Badass 3D NFT’s to ever hit SOLANA. A product of vile experiments by evil power hungry Blockchain Generals intent on creating psychotic and ruthless SOLdiers. They are MetaBlood thirsty! 1 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
Dragosupcoming nftDragos is a decentralized and on-chain NFT project that consists of 6,000 unique & hand-drawn pieces of art.TBA6000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
Hound Dogs & Daisysupcoming nftThe battle for the local diner has been going on for months. The Hound Dogs & Daisys have occupied the territory and the diner, and are recruiting 10.000 new members from all over to join their gang. 0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
Hound Dogs & Daisysupcoming nftThe battle for the local diner has been going on for months. The Hound Dogs & Daisys have occupied the territory and the diner, and are recruiting 10.000 new members from all over to join their gang. 0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
SHOEzupcoming nftA painstakingly HAND drawn collection of 10k ALGORITHMICALLY generated crypto sneakers, kick'n it onCHAIN, Ether STYLE.0.110000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
DrunkCatNFTs: Greg's Worldupcoming nft2,500 NFTs showcasing the journey of an alcoholic cat named Greg, touching on real world themes, past moments in history, and future aspirations. Greg’s World will feature 50 Greg Originals based on 50 unique themes, and 2,450 Artistic Iterations.0.07 ETH2500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/21 09:00 PM
Melody - A.I-Generated music for creatorsupcoming nft2000 soundtracks NFTs generated by Melody Artificial Intelligence that empowers music lovers.0.25 ETH2000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/21 12:00 (UTC)
Gorilla Marine Squad Genesis Launchupcoming nftThe Gorilla Marine Squad is an NFT project strictly for the BADASS! Each NFT is unique in it's design, serves as your digital identity online, and in Metaverses such as Sandbox and Somnium Space100 Matic9630TwitterDiscordWebsite12/14/2021
DREAMWAY.GAMEupcoming nftUnique in-game DreamWay characters with our own tokensWe are the DreamWay Game characters.There are 7 of us.Pick one and receive exclusive advantages in the game that no one else will have!0.05 ETH11000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Age of Z Citizen (AOZ)upcoming nft1993 hand-drawn unique and futuristic characters dedicated to building a self-sufficient, Decentropolis.0.051993TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Solmingosupcoming nftSolmingos is a collection of 4000 unqiuely generated NFTs from a combination of 100 different attributes across 7 layers 1SOL4000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Sea Demonsupcoming nft50 ETH Back to Members - Huge ETH Prizes if you Mint a Rare - Royalty Share to Holders0.02 - 0.046,999TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
DogeVille Packupcoming nftEnter DogeVille, a future play-to-earn pixel art gaming metaverse on Immutable X with 10,000 NFT characters known as the DogeVille Pack.0.03 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Gentle Tiger Clubupcoming nftPre-Sale plan:1) the first 1000 NFTs will be added for sale at the price of 0.03 ETH for 1 month.Public sale plan:100-500 NFTs from 0,07 to 0,17 ETH with step 100 by + 25%0.03 - 0.0710000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Wasteland Unionupcoming nftWasteland Union is a story-driven avatar project but also combines NFTs and DeFi with yield earning protocols.0.08 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
FoodVerseNFTupcoming nftFirst genarative food nfts! we are trying to combine food culture and blockchain to enhance food culture.1-2 sol3000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
OpenTeeupcoming nft4,444 Genesis Tee’s minted magically from NFTs you already own. Each mint includes a matching physical and Decentraland Avatar Tee.OpenTee is a creator of generative, 1:1 clothing and accessories.0.05 ETH4,444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Banityupcoming nftJoin the first Bitcoin Vanity Address NFT Sale!Banity is a collection of 1001 unlockable NFTs. PRESALE LAUNCH DATE, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2PM GMT0.5 ETH1001TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Goats Gangupcoming nftWELCOME GOATS! 10,000 RANDOMLY GENERATED GOATS ON THE SOLANA BLOCKCHAIN! GET READY FOR GOETIA!1 Sol10,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Crystal Havocupcoming nftNFT crystal fragments providing holders access to a gamified social platform and action packed battlegrounds. Game features added based on community votes and requests.0.1 ETH10,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
The Wild Cub Societyupcoming nft2050, an hidden park is found with 7 legendary cubs. 11.111 unique cubs have been cloned: 31% ♀️ & 69% ♂️Feed them #FeedingGame Meet your partner #TinderYourCub Breed and be rewarded #BreedingGame0.08 ETH11.111TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Interblocupcoming nftInterbloc is a project aiming to decentralize data storage. Our NFT collection is a branch of a DAO ecosystem we're building. Gain passive income by holding an Interbloc NFT!2 SOL (TBD)5000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/21
Farmer Apesupcoming nftFarmer Apes is the first NFT collection to seamlessly integrate with DeFi & GameFi. 0.0588ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
DEMONIO upcoming nftDEMONIO NFT Project is a unique collection of 10,000 Demonios aimed at refreshing the NFT space and inspiring digital investors like never before. 0.0710000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
The Furry Headsupcoming nftThe Furry Heads are a multimedia storytelling NFT experience in which 8.192 unique pieces find their way to holders all over the world. A universe full of stories and things to explore. 0.1 ETH8192TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Y2123upcoming nftY2123 is an NFT collection with in-game utility, launching with a genesis collection of 500 NFTs. Genesis collection owners will have additional benefits in the metaverse game. tbc500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Timeless Numberupcoming nft56 billion possibilities pruned into 7,250 NFTs. By holding Timeless Number, you own the seed to generate for free 4 future NFT drops from rising artists in various fields..05 ETH7250TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
Poolboys Metatourism NFTupcoming nftMetatourism is a concept we are developing to bridge the gap between different metaverses. Token holders will be able to use the interactive 3D portal on our website to access new community spaces.0.034444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2022
"PIXEL PEPE "upcoming nft500 pixel pepe available as NFTs backed by the solana blockchain. Enter the project to take part in a engaging community focused on benefit for owners.0.25 sol500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/15/2021
MonkeySeeMonkeyDoupcoming nftMonkeySeeMonkeyDo is 5000 unique avatars living on the Etheruem blockchain... major utility 0.055000TwitterDiscordno link12/15/2021
Fresh Apesupcoming nftTHE FRESHEST APES AROUNDFresh Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique and totally fresh NFTs inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture. Join the Fresh Apes on The Journey, a wacky adventure trilogy! 0.0810,000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/2021
Food Frogsupcoming nftFood Frogs are a 10,000 limited hand-drawn NFT collection living on the world's 1st NFT food and beverage marketplace.0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/2021
Cranky Crittersupcoming nftA collection of 6,000 randomly generated NFTs on the blockchain. These Critters have had the worst day and are about to flip out.0.06 ETH6000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/21 20:00 (UTC)
Cyber Cats Allianceupcoming nftA project with an interesting story about cats who, as a result of experiments on them, began to protect people from robots and artificial intelligence.0.082222TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/2021
Socialogueupcoming nftAn industry-disrupting social #NFT marketplace. Built on #Ethereum, with zero gas fees. #DAO structure & #PlayToEarn game hosting model.300USD10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/2021
Sweet Pandaupcoming nftA collection of 3333 Pandas with more than 140 traits. With the key, an access to a DAO for all those who will adopt 3 Sweet Panda, 75% Royalties redistributed & P2E coming Q2 20220.77 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite12/16/2021
PCNFTupcoming nft-no linkno linkWebsite12/17/21 05:00 PM
MetApocalypse — Cyborgsupcoming nft3D Art Project with Battle Royale Game built on Unreal Engine Coming.Don't miss your chance to take part in our MetaVerse!0.0810001TwitterDiscordWebsite12/17/2021
Monsterzupcoming nftMonsterz is the second collection of the Monsterz DAO, drawn by Lia Moonrise.We are a community driven project focused on mental health and support to the artists.0.66 SOL3333no linkDiscordWebsite12/17/2021
SantaVerse | A Different Christmasupcoming nftSantaVerse is a unique collection of only 3,333 items willing to change this Christmas for people. We will launch our utility token $SVR and P2E Game.0.05 (Presale), 0.077(Public Sale) ETH3333TwitterDiscordWebsite12/17/2021
Right-Click Saverzupcoming nftRight-Click Saverz is an NFT collection of 7777 unique villains on Immutable X, randomly generated with 8 properties and over 180 hand-drawn features.0.07 ETH7777TwitterDiscordWebsite12/17/2021
Marc Jesús NFTupcoming nftAUTHENTIC NFT ART form REAL PAINTER🖌️10.000 Unique pieces of pure ART made NFT by the hand of the painter Marc Jesús.0.075 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021 20.00 UTC
Mystic Time Travellersupcoming nftMystic Time Travellers is a collection of 8888 Mystics that come with a fortune. Fortune holders will be rewarded with $MYST token and various gifts. All fortunes lead to a good cause.0.58888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
CrocoDealupcoming nftCrocoDeal is an NFT Collection of 5555 hand-drawn unique digital piece of art. 45% of total minted CrocoDeal will be burned through unique monthly events.Fair Bid5555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
HODL Roomsupcoming nftHODL Room is a collectible NFT. All pictures are unique. The NFTs will be minted by user. We will feature Giveaways, ETH drops and ETH2.0 staking share system! Game for Rewards!0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/21 07:00 (UTC)
SuburbanColorsupcoming nftSuburbanColors is a collection of 2199 unique NFT of pure cyberpunk culture redeemable for their in-game playable character.0.03 ETH2199TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
Dope Apesupcoming nftDope Apes is 5555 unique hand drawn avatars. Team will launch DAO which helps the growth of the community.1 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
The NFBeehiveupcoming nftBe a part of THE NFBeehive and help the bees fight back against the Homo Sapiens, who is threatening their natural habitat through the use of pesticides and the sealing of green spaces.100 MATIC20TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
Parallel Universe Collectorupcoming nftBased on good quality art, we plan to strengthen IP value by holding an IP expansion contest and release NFTs based on it to bring value to holders.2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
SolFrostiesupcoming nftSolFrosties are high quality unique NFT characters, inhabiting the quickly growing Solana blockchain.With SolFrosties NFTs you gain access to special airdrops, our social club and other benefits!0.25 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite12/18/2021
The Penguinsupcoming nft4,444 unique algorithmically generated Penguin NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.0.5 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/19/2021
Paper Bag Boysupcoming nftThis NFT project rewards holders for their loyalty with a DAO. If you mint a Paper Bag Boy he rewards you after some time with a brand new NFT. 0.04 ETH4444TwitterDiscordWebsite12/20/2021
CRYPTO-BUNNIESupcoming nftSmart contract based, community first, amazing artworks! We are not only good looking collection, we have entertaining and value-bringing strategy to our holders. Check out -https://crpt.fun/bunnies2 SOL 10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/20/2021
Salty Sea Bay NFTsupcoming nft10,000 Algorithmically generated, unique and collectible digital art built on Solana.A long time ago in an ancient world eight fellas as known as Sea Kings become the worst enemies.0.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/22/2021
Future Turtles NFTupcoming nftThis NFT is one of the hottest upcoming crypto projects on the market.Future Turtles is a digital full body art collection of 10000 NFTs. Each NFT is unique.More information down below:0.059 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/23/2021
Shark Appreciation Societyupcoming nft- Shark Appreciation Society is a collection of 4500 Pixel art sharks on Ethereum- SAS is doing MINT 2, GET 3RD NFT FOR FREE.- Each NFT sold, part of proceeds goes towards saving sharks!0.035 ETH4500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/23/2021
CrazyTurtlesupcoming nftIt’s a collection of 10000 randomly generated NFTs of turtles on the Polygon Network. Each turtle is unique with different traits of body color, accessories, clothes, backgrounds and many more.Matic10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/25/2021
Bots Lifeupcoming nftBOTS LIFE is a collection of 3D NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. With unique personalities, hobbies, and packed schedules outside of work, our little bots are ready for their much-needed time off!0.7 SOL4999TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/2021
Crypto Samuraisupcoming nftWe are calling all who have bought a dip, hodl'd, and are diamond handed to build with us a community of Crypto Samurais!0.07 ETH12000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/2021
SolCatsupcoming nftThe goal of our project is to gather a friendly team in our social networks, find like-minded people and raise funds for charity.0.15 SOL999TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/2021
Gorgeous Gorilla Gang upcoming nftWe are a collection of 8,888 NFTs on the Matic Network. .08 ETH 8,888TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/2021
Nosy Blobsupcoming nftMerge them, decrease the collection and raise each value.The Nosy Blobs NFTs collection. This bunch of martian jellies has conquered planet Earth, and they will soon land on Solana Blockchain. 1 SOL5460TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/2021
Sol Abstractionupcoming nftSolana’s first and only community extracted, AI generated, abstract art collection1.5 SOL1500TwitterDiscordWebsite12/21/21
SkinFlip Turtlesupcoming nftSkinFlip Turtle NFTs are the native NFTs of SkinFlip's upcoming Gaming Marketplace. This NFT collection brings utility and benefits to holders via NFT staking mechanisms.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/22/2021
Where Lambo Ape Clubupcoming nftWLAC is a collection of 10,000 Influential Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon Chain 30 MATIC presale / 60 MATIC public sale10000TwitterDiscordWebsite12/27/2021
Solipopsupcoming nft200 randomly generated lollipops on Solana0.1-0.3 SOL200TwitterDiscordWebsite12/28/2021
Luxury Statue Clubupcoming nftOur NFT serves a purpose to all investors and properties in the metaworld. Our statue will add huge value to all pieces of land our holders acquire.0.13 ETH5555TwitterDiscordno link1/1/2022
Zoothereumupcoming nftFrom Aliens to DinosaursYou can expect anything from Aliens to Dinosaurs and everything in between we have developed some amazing mythical and extinct creatures and characters0.1900TwitterDiscordWebsite1/1/2022
Baby Mammoth Clubupcoming nftPresale on 25th of December 19:00 UTC0.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite01/01/22 07:00 PM
The Last Raptorupcoming nft1923 unique Raptors!Backed by massive utility (NFT Portfolio Optimizer)0.09 ETH1923TwitterDiscordWebsite1/2/2022
Top P.I.upcoming nftTop PI is an NFT murder mystery game where players will compete to be the Top PI for a prize pool.0.05 ETH2000TwitterDiscordWebsite1/7/2022
Happy Hedgehogsupcoming nftAn array of 7,777 unique Happy Hedgehogs, the cutest nocturnal creatures running around the metaverse on the Polygon blockchain.Presale: 25 MATIC ; Public Sale: 50 MATIC7777TwitterDiscordWebsite1/7/2022
cyberwood2088upcoming nftCyberwood2088 is a landmark video art NFT collection. It can also be used as a profile picture. This is the best of both worlds.0.088ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite1/9/2022
Sacred Amulets TCG NFTupcoming nftWave 1 Presale 2000 NFTs. Strategic Trading Card Game by Dzed Comics Sacred Amulets manga comic. Play to Earn, Player vs Player, Online Tournaments with prize pools to win. 3 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsite1/9/2022
Digital Ducklingsupcoming nftWelcome to Digital Ducklings, a collection of 4,444 Non-Fungible Ducklings living in the metaverse. Digital Ducklings will be on the Solana Network.1 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite1/12/2022
Punkapes "Treasure Hunt"upcoming nftThe Punkapes invite you to a crazy virtual treasure hunt! Each Punkape from the collection contains a coded message for you! Solve the puzzles and take part in the big. 0.030 ETH10TwitterDiscordWebsite1/15/2022
Karen Foundationupcoming nftKaren Foundation is an entire DeFi cross-chain protocol, but it starts with 4242 awesome Karen NFTs that will get you access to the rest of the systems released by us. 0.085 ETH4242TwitterDiscordWebsite1/15/2022
Family Sol NFTupcoming nftThe Family Sol NFT is a collection of hundred unique collectible characters. You can find famous stars or historical figures, characters from fairy tales, famous icons and even some animals 1 sol6666TwitterDiscordWebsite1/30/2022
Family Sol NFTupcoming nftUnique collectible characters. apart from normal everyday common character of Family Sol, you can find stars or historical figures, characters from fairy tales, famous icons or even animals1 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsite1/30/2022
AdaWaifusupcoming nftAn NFT project with a bright future! Our waifus can do more than just look pretty! AdaWaifus is just a taste of something we have been planning and working on for many years. There will be projects (websites & apps for anime fans) where you as an AdaWaifu holder will get unique goodies / premium features.no linkno linkWebsiteTBD
Barbarian Battlesupcoming nftAn epic online game where you can use your Barbarian NFT to battle in wars and tournaments and win gold and gems.1ETH10,000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Degen Lizzy NFTupcoming nftA grumpy chameleon with 10000 personalities, accidentally wound up in the wild west of the NFT metaverse.1.25 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite09/18/21 15:00 UTC
AIRDOGSupcoming nft9001 NFT airdog Balloons flying arround the solana Blockchain, 50% Royalties back to holders.0.5 SOL9001TwitterDiscordWebsite10/10/21 TBD
Chubby Corgisupcoming nft10,000 Chubby Corgis splooting around on the #Solana blockchain.0.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 1 AM UTC
Deep Fried NFTsupcoming nftDeep Fried NFTs is a collection of 2,222 NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain.1 SOL2222Twitterno linkWebsite10/14/21 1 PM UTC
Skylineupcoming nftGenerative Header Art on #Solana1 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 12 AM UTC
Jelly Beastsupcoming nft2,505 jelly bean experiments gone wrong emerging on Solana.1.2 SOL2505TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 12:30 AM UTC
Solpassupcoming nftExclusive pass to NFT privileges & community. Built on #Solana1 SOL1,100TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 5 PM UTC
SolChicksupcoming nft2nd Wave 14-OCT The leading #NFT powered fantasy #PlayToEarn game.3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 5 PM UTC
SolBabes Gen 2upcoming nft891 unique Gen1 SolBabes.0.99 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 7 PM UTC
Apenautsupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated apenauts conquering the #SOLANA blockchain.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 8 PM UTC
BOSS Bearsupcoming nftBears Of the Solar System (BOSS) 🐻 Adorable generative bears living on #SOLANA-10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 8 PM UTC
Eikonaupcoming nftInteractive AR NFT Based Game Powered by #Solana0.75 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 9 PM UTC
Sockpassupcoming nftSockpass mint 10/14 this THURS! 500 socks deep in the solana metaverse.0.88 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 9 PM UTC
Daring Dragonsupcoming nftDaring Dragons is a collection of 5555 hand-drawn, unique #NFTs, existing eternally in the dungeons and skies of the #Solana.0.99 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21 9:30 UTC
Astro Babiesupcoming nftBuilding a Metaverse on Planet #Solana. Join the Discord community for whitelisting and Tesla Giveaway details: https://linktr.ee/AstroBabiesNFT2.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 1 PM UTC
Nifty Nanasupcoming nft8,888 of the cutest 's to pair with your . 100% of Royalties Back to Community! Mint on Oct 15th @ 6PM EST0.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 10 PM UTC
BabyApesupcoming nftNext hottest #Solana nft collection. 5000 unique BabyApes on the Solana blockchain | 1st co-launch with0.69 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 5 PM UTC
Boopie Gen 1upcoming nftBe the Boopie possible. 11,111 unique Boopies on Solana coming Oct. 15th (0.5 Sol)..5 SOL11111TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 5 PM UTC
Soldoges NFTupcoming nftSolDOGEs. A cool collection of 9999 animated collectible DOGE NFT on #Solana . Play 2 Earn.Launch date : Mint is live. #SOLANA NFT0.5 SOL9999Twitterno linkWebsite10/15/21 5:37 PM UTC
DeadBoredSolsupcoming nft6,666 Unique, Dead Bored Zombies roaming around the #Solana Network | Launching 10/15/2021 @ 18:00 UTC |2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 6 PM UTC
GeoGensNFTupcoming nftgenerative NFTs on Solana designed by @jpstudio_us // 300 unique pieces.2 SOL300TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 7 PM UTC
The Beverly Hills Car Clubupcoming nft8,137 hand-drawn nft's representing the most desirable classics in automotive history. Quantity limited according to true production.1.79 SOL8137TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 7 PM UTC
Zoolanaupcoming nftZoolana is a fictional world, NFT collection, and blockchain-based strategy game.0 SOL3000TwitterDiscordno link10/15/21 7pm UTC
Solactic Guardiansupcoming nftSolactic Guardians Collectible NFT launching SOON on #solana 💬2.5 SOL9001TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 8 PM UTC
DistortedNFTupcoming nftBringing slightly distorted art to the Solana ecosystem.-50TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 8 PM UTC
Skulltoonsupcoming nft10K #NFT Skull images in cartoon format coming to #polygon. Some scary, some cute, some just downright silly. Follow and retweet for a chance at early minting.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21 8 PM UTC
Thoughtful Folkupcoming nft1000 Thoughtful Folk NFTs! An educational NFT project on solana!1 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 11 AM UTC
Crazy Picklesupcoming nft3,500 1-of-1 algorithmically generated Crazy Pickles NFTs #Solana blockchain #PickleGang0.5 SOL3500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 11 PM UTC
Outlawpunkupcoming nft"10,000 Out Law Punk is on the run to Eth Chain!!They all committed serious crimes:--Catfish in Tinder--Showing up on Prom with two girlfriends4 rarity levels5% royaltyOver $100K cash award for invite contest on going too! Invite friends to join their discord for whitelist, cash award and free NFT!!"0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 15:00 UTC
Bit Baddiesupcoming nftThe first female NFT project on #Solana, 10,000 baddies here to slay and provide long term utility to holders and charities ❤️0.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 2 AM UTC
Crypto Astronutsupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated NFT Astronuts with custom algorithm on #Solana Blockchain. Pre-sale only for whitelisted discord members at 2 PM UTC, 1 SOL2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 3:30 PM UTC
Pixel Invaderz (whitelist sale)upcoming nftThe Pixel Invaderz Metaverse1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 4 PM UTC
Shiba Familyupcoming nft7k NFTs on #Solana || Revolutionary Economy & Utility || 90% Profits Sharing1.5 SOL7000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 5 PM UTC
Solmiceupcoming nft10,000 #Solmice lurking around in the #Solana metaverse.0.49 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 6 PM UTC
nactalsupcoming nft8,888 unique upgradable nactals. Built on #Solana 🗓 October 18th, 7 PM UTC1-2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 7 PM UTC
Raptor Fraternity NFTupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated Raptors on #Solana2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 8 PM UTC
Bulls and Bears Sol Gangupcoming nft10,000 bulls & bears living on the #Solana Market | http://discord.gg/cHJencaCnE web: https://bullsbearsgang.com0.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21 9 PM UTC
Ivory Gangupcoming nftA collection of 7777 Elephants fighting against poaching on the #Solana network.0.5 SOL7777TwitterDiscordno link10/17/21 10 PM UTC
Lucky Lemursupcoming nft7777 Programmatically Generated NFT Lemurs1 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21 11 PM UTC
Serious Eagle Investors Club [SEIC]upcoming nftSEIC is the exclusive investment club with Serious Eagle NFT owners in pursuit of environmental, social and governance (ESG)-themed.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno link10/17/21 3 PM UTC
Solata Potatoupcoming nftLimited Legendary Potato NFT Collection. Based on SOLANA. Lovely designed. Coming soon1.5 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21 4 PM UTC
FREEDOMCOIN SCREENPLAYupcoming nftI'm selling the 2019 US Copyright of my screenplay "FREEDOMCOIN" as an NFT. Part Matrix parody, part buddy buddy comedy, Freedomcoin tells the story of Marc, an habitually unemployed stoner who finds himself caught in the middle of a government conspiracy to control the future of digital currency.31TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21 02:00 (UTC)
Jungle Catsupcoming nft5,585 High Quality 3D Generative Jungle Cats incorporating breeding and airdrops to holders. The King of #Solana is here!2 SOL5585TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21 2 PM UTC
Soliseumupcoming nft10.000 algorithmically NFTs chests waiting on the #Solana blockchain.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21 7 PM UTC
Billionaire Whale Clubupcoming nft5,000 random generated Whales #NFT on #Solana // Mint Price: 0.2 SOL // Launch date TBC /0.2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21 8 PM UTC
Fennec Thug Association (pre-sale)upcoming nftThe Thugest #NFTcollectibles made with ❤️ on #Solana | 3,500 #NFTs 0.1-0.25 and 100% royalties to the community | Presale start 10/18 for Fennec OGs only0.25 SOL3500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21 9:30 PM UTC
SolApesupcoming nft3333 algorithmically generated #SolApes swinging on the #Solana blockchain.0.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21 10 PM UTC
FiSHhEAD NFTupcoming nftFiSHhEADS NFT is the freshest project around and the 10,007 Students are all psyched up ready for you to ‘Save’ them! It is our mission to SAVE the Fish & Catch the MASTERS!Presale is Live from the 19th October at 8PM UTC - 1000 available during 48hr period. (Limited to 1000) - SUPER RARES AVAILABLEOfficial Launch - 21st October 8PM UTC0.08ETH10007TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21 20:00 UTC
Vishv | Spaceupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated space gear minting at 1 sol in Phase 11 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21 6 PM UTC
Nobu Ninjasupcoming nft7777 Ninjas fleeing NobuCity... 1000 Senseis to keep them under control...1.77 SOL7777Twitterno linkWebsite10/19/21 8 PM UTC
Solana Acid Skullsupcoming nftCollection of 6,666 Acid Skulls for Access to the Club. Builded on #Solana.0.7 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 1 PM UTC
Miss Fraisupcoming nftBest Day Eva!! Join our beautiful world2 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 11 PM UTC
DegenMojiupcoming nftDegenMoji is a group of 10,101 unique, programmatically generated, artistic Moji NFTs on the Ethereum handcrafted from over 200 unique attributes.They were intentionally designed to be used in one of the best virtual and interactive social media apps being built with a major focus on rewarding creators and earning lifetime Royalties to holders.0.07 ETH10101TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 19:00 UTC
Flukiesupcoming nftFlukies is a generative art collection of 1,500 pieces minting soon on 17th october’21 on the Solana blockchain.1 SOL1500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 19:30 UTC
Sweetyard Dogsupcoming nftSweetyard Dogs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain. In the future, every member who has Sweetyard Dogs– jointly governed the community together-will be allowed to enter THE SWEETYARD, where it will provide various benefits. It is currently an alpha test version, welcoming everyone to visit THE SWEETYARD.0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 4 AM UTC
Endangered Animals NFTupcoming nftEndangered NFT is helping to save endangered animals, ONE NFT at a time0.75 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 6 PM UTC
Waxo Skullsupcoming nft2,000 sick pixel-art skulls wandering on the #Solana Blockchain0.25 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 7 PM UTC
Solana Doge Businessupcoming nftWhy should Monkes have all the fun? 5000 unique generative Doges on #solana.1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21 9 PM UTC
Solgoddessesupcoming nftWe are 2222 Goddesses on the #Solana NFT ecosystem.2 SOL2222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21 10 PM UTC
Moneylineupcoming nftHold your favorite teams and earn #Solana for every victory1 SOL3200TwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21 12 AM UTC
Element4lsupcoming nftHigh quality NFT art collectible brand built on Solana and the Element4ls novel by Justin Sloan! A total of 6500 Element4ls will be available for mint.0.5 - 3 SOL6500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21 18:00 UTC
Solantasyupcoming nft10000 Uniquely generated warriors, wizards, and archers on #Solana. Enhanced with AI. SolWizards: 21st of October, 9pm UTC - 1.5 SOL1.5 SOL2500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21 9 PM UTC
Aventador nftupcoming nft500 unique Lamborghini Models in 3D for gamers and collectors available at 0.1 solana created by carsnft.club (new iconic car design coming every month!0.1 SOL360TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 09:00 (UTC)
Sparksupcoming nftSparks is an Interactive Metaverse that will allow people to play and interact with each other and their creatures and objects.1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 10 PM UTC
Voxel World Leaderupcoming nftA unique collection of leaders of the modern voxel world, made in 3D voxel technology. NFT token sale phase 2 is coming up 10/22/20210.15 ETH21TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 10:00 (UTC)
Lucid Dreamupcoming nftDelivering beautify digital art (+ 100 physical pieces) to be enjoyed by everyone. We will then start master classes for NFT holders to be able to create their own art in their own image.1.5 SOL888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 18:00 (UTC)
AniCats Worldupcoming nft"AniCats is an animated generative NFT collection and a key to the future play-to-earn AniCats World metaverse. - 10 unique animations with different rarity. - more than 150 unique attributes animated along with cats movements- play-2-earn pet game was announced- charity donation to homeless pets sanctuary"0.07 ETH9000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 19:00 (UTC)
Big Aussie Crocsupcoming nft"9999 Aussie made NFT's chomping freely on the ETH blockchainLAUNCHING OCT 23RD 9AM AEDT/22ND 10PM UTCWL Access FULL | 0.08 ETH | Nightly Quizes (ETH Prizes)"0.08 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 22:00 (UTC)
Stoner Pumpkinsupcoming nftStoner Pumpkins are 10,000 Hand drawn, randomly generated, Stoned Pumpkins looking to party with you! They are stored safely and securely on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on OpenSea. Stoner Pumpkins will be sold for .0420 each! Our club is focused on our love for Weed & giving back to others!0.042 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 4:20 PST
AssSolsupcoming nftHere at AssSols we focus on the backside of the Solana Network. Only 4,550 unique images. Minting on 10/22/2021.0.455-1 SOL4550TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 5 PM UTC
Souls!upcoming nft10,000 generative Souls! coming to #Solana2.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 5 PM UTC
Alpha League Racingupcoming nftCustomizable cars, play-to-earn racing game, coming to Solana.0.75 SOL20000TwitterDiscordno link10/22/21 6 PM UTC
Pirates of Sol Bayupcoming nft#Solana #NFTart Project - #TREASURES dropping 22nd of October - 8:00 pm UTC We're going to be the next #NFTs kings!0.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 8 PM UTC
Crazy Crocoupcoming nft"CrazyCroco is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art project consisting of 8888 algorithmically generated unique arts of Crocos. The collection is made of 150+ hand illustrated traits of the character.CrazyCroco aims at creating a cult, for NFT lovers, around conservation initiatives for Crocodiles."1.6 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 Not Decided
AdaSenshi Katanaupcoming nftIntroducing AdaSenshi Katana! An NFT collection that perfectly compliments AdaSenshi Ninja as all holders of an AdaSenshi Ninja and an AdaSenshi Katana will receive an airdrop of AdaSenshi Sumo (1 Sumo per pair) in the near future.25 ADA999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 12:00PM UTC
Cardano Dragonzupcoming nftHand-drawn from scratch by our truly skilled artist. There will only exist a maximum of 6,000 algorithmically generated, unique, wild dragon NFTs in Cardano. Divided into 2 seasons.42 ADA6000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 1900 UTC
Pineapple Apple Penupcoming nftSolana based NFT project. Build Pineapple Apple Pens and share 50% of NFT project pot.0.2 SOL1000TwitterDiscordno link10/23/21 2 PM UTC
SOLMECH WARRIORSupcoming nft7500 randomized mech warriors on the Solana blockchain0.5 SOL7500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 20:00 (UTC)
Squareheadzupcoming nftGEN1 MINT on Saturday, Oct 23rd @ 8:00AM UTC!0.5 SOL4900TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 8 AM UTC
Dippy Dragonsupcoming nft3,333 uniquely generated Dippy Dragon NFTs. Dippy Dragons flying around the #Solana metaverse.-3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 8 PM UTC
Baby Ghostsupcoming nftBaby Ghosts are crossing over! Now's your chance to grab yours before they reach the sky. Find your kindred spirit among 10,000 of possible Baby Ghost combinations from hundreds of traits!They will be fully released on October 24th at 8PM UTC with early access for whitelisted Early Adopters on October 22nd at 8PM UTC.0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 8PM UTC
Anti Artist Artist's Clubupcoming nft2222 Randomly Generated Artists powered by #Solana1 SOL2222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21 9 PM UTC
Solana Dino Park [SDP]upcoming nftCollect SolDino in each era where can reside in the SolDino Park together2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21 3 PM UTC
Fabricupcoming nftFabric is based on a unique algorithm that uses mathematical and computer science ideas to create a unique piece of art. It is meant to demonstrate the principle of emergence, where from simple rules, pattern is distinguished. The end result is a fabric-like pattern.50 MATIC512TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21 6:00 PM UTC
Brick and Wortyupcoming nft10,000 unique Brick and Worty NFTs on the Solana blockchain2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno link10/24/21 8 PM UTC
SolOctopusupcoming nft8,888 octopuses ready to deploy their tentacles on Solana0.66 sol8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21 9pm utc
JPEG Freaks Club - The Hero Experimentupcoming nftJPEG Freaks Club is a DAO community of experimental and innovative NFT projects. 8191 JPEG Freaks are roaming on the streets Ethereum blockchain. Only one freak will become a true Hero!0.06 ETH8191TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21 03:00 PM UTC
BEAR MARKET BARupcoming nftLimited 10,000 unique NFT Bears collection powered by Solana blockchain. The main part of the Play to Earn BMB Games. Only Bear owners will have access to BMB games, drops and other privileges.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21 20:00 (UTC)
NFCardsupcoming nftOctoworld is an NFT project based on sticker albums, our idea is to make a large scale digital art album, we use country representative costumes and accessories for our most exclusive octopuses. In this generation there will be 14 countries represented.0.05 ETH2652TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21 21:00 (UTC)
Long Ween Clubupcoming nft10,000 wiener dogs born on Solana. Will you be the lucky person to mint the golden ween?1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21 24:00 UTC
Aikoupcoming nftI'M AIKO I'm a new concept of NFT-ART based on AII'm a virtual companion developed by artificial intelligence. I live on the Solana's blockchain btw.1.69 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21 3 PM UTC
M101 Shelterupcoming nftThe M101 Shelter is 10.101 generative side-profile characters, which are ready to fight for their life when the hope to survive is almost gone.0,08 eth10.101TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 16.00 UTC
Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Leeupcoming nftThe Legacy Collection features 10 (1/1) signed paintings of Stan Lee. Each NFT also comes with the physical piece of art. This is a once in a lifetime chance to acquire a piece with a story like this.Auction (ETH)10TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 17:00 (PDT)
Sol Slimes | A Solana NFT Projectupcoming nft200 cute and playful slimes, waiting for their owner to take them home. Hosted on the Solana blockchain.0.5 SOL200TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 20 CET
Solana Havana Cigar Clubupcoming nft"5,555 deflationary, algorithmically generated cigars.Wish for the crown! 40 SOL airdrop on mint day"0.25 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 20:00 UTC
PizzOnChainupcoming nft5,555 randomly generated pixel pizzas baked with love and kept warm on the Ethereum Blockchain. Fully on-chain, generative NFT. No IPFS, No API, No artificial sweeteners.0.055 ETH5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 23:00 UTC
Sol Slimesupcoming nft200 cute and playful slimes, waiting for their owner to take them home. Hosted on the Solana blockchain.0.5 SOL200TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 7PM CET
Bored Degen Crypto Arcade - BDCA PCupcoming nftBDCA PC drop - your portal to the arcade verse awaits.The BDCA is a social space for pfp's in the metaverse to come together and play mini games, compete for high scores, and earn tokens/rewards.0.0610000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/27/21
nfthalloweenupcoming nftNFT Halloween Ar Collection 3600 Unique image15 Matic3600TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 9 pm UTC
NFT Milfsupcoming nftNFT Milfs: A group of the hottest, algorithmically generated moms on the Solana blockchain. 30% of all mint proceeds will go toward breast cancer charities.1 SOL8008TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 10 PM UTC
Suckersupcoming nft1444 deflationary NFT Suckers on Solana. Next week there will be fewer. Because every week we buy back Suckers and burn them until the most resilient ones survive and end up in a P2E game.1.5 SOL1444TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 13:00 UTC
SIMPLESIMONupcoming nftA collection of 10,000 Simple Simons. Simplicity conquers the world allowing all Simple Simon to stay true to themselves. Become a Simple Simon!0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 13:00 UTC
The Pandasupcoming nft10,000 Algo generated pandas heading for #solana in search of bamboo!0.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno link10/28/21 15:00 UTC
Pain-da Game centerupcoming nftPain-da Game Center is not just an ordinary NFT project. We have 10000 Pain-da warriors original arts and we have desgined an exclusive game that reward winners with $ETH.0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 23:00 (UTC)
Metatun NFTupcoming nftPhase I:A-tun 3D (SoldOut)1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 5 PM UTC
Pygmy Hippo Clubupcoming nft4,999 hand-drawn algorithmically generated hippos beached on the #Solana blockchain | 0.75 SOL Mint October 28th |0.75 SOL4999TwitterDiscordno link10/28/21 6 PM UTC
SolCatzupcoming nftThe SolCatz is an exclusive club of 5555 Cats that hang around on the #Solana blockchain.0.5 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 9 PM UTC
SOLOVEupcoming nftBuilding a project full of love on the #Solana.0.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 9 PM UTC
SolduckNFTsupcoming nft7000 unique and exclusive SolDuckNFTs with an amazing NFT game1 SOL7000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 9:00PM UTC
SOLANA FELINE BUSINESSupcoming nftSOLANA FELINE BUSINESS is a collection of 5,000 randomly generated felines catwalking across the Solana Metaverse.1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/2021 Sold Out
Zombie Rex limited collection -- The ZOMBIES .... Are Coming ....upcoming nftWhat Up Solheads,We Are coming to You, We are zombies from Jurassic era,For only 2,022 minted and all of us are one of a kind, we invade countries,only 50 first minter get 0.35 SOL,0.35 SOL2022TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 00:00 (UTC)
Liquid Craftupcoming nftLiquid Craft D&B series is the first NFT launch that links an NFT to real world asset in the form of a collectable bottle of Bourbon. Liquid Craft will be bringing a marketplace to the world with its own native currency $CRAFT. Each D&B series NFT will come with airdrops of the $CRAFT token.0.225 ETH or .75 BNB1500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 10/29/21
Sol Orcsupcoming nft#Solana Orcs 10,000 unique generative NFTs for use in our upcoming blockchain driven staking fantasy game.2-3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 12 AM UTC
International Daysupcoming nft501 unique International Day cards on OpenSea to highlight world challenges, remembrances and people across 20210.05 ETH501TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 14:00 (CET)
Nekosupcoming nftNekos are a collection of 2222 unique programmatically generated cats with a deflationary mechanism. Raising money for some cats in need and building a great community.0.55 SOL2222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 19:00 UTC
Solty Soulsupcoming nftThe NetherWorld is FULL. We need an army of Reapers to take away 6006 Souls. Could you help us? We are an European Team with lots of love for Solana BlockChain and Art. !!!1 SOL6006TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 19:00 UTC
Rockin Tunaupcoming nft"Rockin Tuna is a collection of 3000 NFTs that were created with passion, every feature and trait hand-drawn from the inspiration of world-renowned artist Tony Ciavarro.".04 ETH3000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/29/2021
9 Livesupcoming nftHolding a 9Lives Genesis NFT grants a myriad of benefits within the DAO, such as airdrops, DAO-based revenue sharing, metaverse real estate, voting rights, and more.150 FTM1000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 20:00 UTC
Creepsupcoming nftSpooky-licious Creeps will light up your profile. The Halloween-themed collection is a perfect PFP pick for this year where each investor/collector will find a unique pumpkin ego.0,04 eth6666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 4 pm UTC
Whales Nationupcoming nftWelcome to Whales Nation | A #Solana NFT collection of the finest 3D Whales.1.5 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 4 PM UTC
Tropical Birdsupcoming nftMeet the BirdsTropical Birds are 10,000 generative characters, all descending from the Mythical Flock.38A10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21 6
BabyElephyupcoming nftGrab BabyElephy's to Get a Chance of Winning a Mercedes Benz & much more. We have totally 9999 NFT's generated in Ethereum BlockChain.0.05 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 13:00 (UTC)
Plastic Punks Batch#5upcoming nftCollection of Plastic Punks on Solana. Mints with small batches every week and sold out sometimes in minutes.0.05 SOL300TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 16:00 (UTC)
MoonGhost Officialupcoming nftMoonGhost is a combination of fun, inclusive NFTs and a rebase token that only goes to the Moon.Our first round of the MoonGhost NFT collection will be available to mint on 30/10/21.0.04 ETH600TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 17:00 (UTC)
CornellaNFTupcoming nftEverything from our unnatural connection to social media and masturbatory selfie culture to political topics such as abortion, addiction, and gender issues – no subject is off-limits.0.05 ETH666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 19:00 (UTC)
Lucky pigupcoming nftWe are creating a community of talisman which is known to bring good fortune in Asian culture. Therefore, our goal is to build a NFT community that brings together people’s wishes and desires for good furtune. Special stories of Lucky Pig owners will be added and connected, to keep the story of our community ongoing.2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 1AM UTC
SolChampionsupcoming nftSolChampions are a collection of NFT cards, each one with it's unique randomly generated attributes and skills. Use them to duel other players in our upcoming game!0.1 - 0.9 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 21:00 UTC
Zombie Ape Clubupcoming nft999 Truly unique Zombie Apes invading the Metaverse2999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 21:00 UTC
Ghost Castle Collectionupcoming nftGhost Castle is an NFT collection on Cardano Blockchain, 5000 unique high 3D NFTs! Each ghost has been programmatically issued from different attributes which assure his uniqueness.35 ADA5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 22:00 (UTC)
Drippy zombiesupcoming nftDRIPPY ZOMBIES is a collection of 8,000 unique zombie NFT collectibles.0.088000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 3;00 PM (EST)
Generative Realmsupcoming nftGenerative Realms is a collection of 2222 unique AI generated art , which will have permanent identity and utility on the Solana blockchain. Holders of the NFT would be eligible for royalty rewards and future drops. Currently there is a promotion running on discord to whitelist the Gen Alpha members who will have access to rarer drops in the future.2 SOL2222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 5 PM UTC
Sol NFTCGupcoming nftSol NFTCG is an NFT card game fully playable on the Solana blockchain. Launching October 30th. Follow for giveaways.0.03-0.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 7 PM UTC
Nashorn Classroomupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated students available on #Solana Blockchain. $SOL2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 8 PM UTC
Demon Soulsupcoming nftThe main task of our project is to unite people, let artists get their chance to be heard and introduced to the world. Collectors can invest their funds properly as specially for holders of our NFT we’ve come up with some exciting contests and events, and also free airdrop!1 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 TBD
HUNGRYGHOST presents CULTISTSupcoming nftSolArc NFT | Mint- 21St Oct | 1 Sol@SolArcNFT1,500 SolArc. Universe-1 is for everyone.70% ROYALTIES GO TO MINTER0.08 ETH10,000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 10 AM PST
Tubular Turtlesupcoming nftOur roadmap is amazing. Heavy support of the ocean preservation cause. In addition we have a massive, yearly, MEGA Treasure Hunt in Hawaii. $150k+ in cash and prizes..05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 10:00am PST
The Polar Collectionupcoming nft"MathArtNFTs proudly presents The Polar Collection.Generative art created using complex, randomly generated polar equations and colours."0.4 SOL427TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 15:00 (BST)
Cute NFT Catsupcoming nftThe collection “Cute NFT Cats” consists of 100 unique NFTs created by a female nft artist. Each NFT is a unique cat that Irina personally drew. All 100 NFTs from the collection are 100% legendary.0.1 ETH100TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 15:00 utc
Lambo Diamond Hands Clubupcoming nft3333 Pixel Perfect Lambos for the Metaverse. AND 1000 free Lambos will be airdropped to holders post mint! That's 1 in 3 minters who will get a spare Lambo!0.33SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 16:00 (UTC)
Vinopolisupcoming nft4,444 unique wines from Solana’s top vineyardsThe first and only wine bottles on Solana! Each of these algorithmically generated NFTs are unique. MINT TO WIN $112,000 over each 10% of mint stage, including a TESLA! As a hodler, you’ll also reap up to 60% of royalties.0.75 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 20:30 UTC19:30 UTC
Solmania: SolBula Armyupcoming nftStarting with 10,000 militant & collectible Bulas3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 6 PM UTC
Dinogentsupcoming nft1,500 Dinogents are created to dominate all other creatures in the land of #Solana #NFTs with creativity.4 SOL1500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 7 PM UTC
Raccoon Island Clubupcoming nftCardano Robots is a collectible art project. Each piece you can buy as NFT. Our art will be minted as a native token on Cardano blockchain. Cardano Robots features 2,590 unique pieces.0.055 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 8 PM UTC
IMX Zombie Squirrelsupcoming nft2,500 Zombie Squirrels rising from the dead on IMX. Unique roadmap, incredible lore and you'll be able to mint zombies with ZERO gas cost!0,06 ETH presale 0,08 ETH public sale2500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 8pm UTC
Drowning Menupcoming nftDrowning Men | 5,555 algorithmically generated NFT art pieces0.35 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 9 PM UTC
Squirrelzupcoming nftThe new Squirrelz NFT project is based on a Dapp Game. The Squirrelz have 200+ traits, each Squirrelz NFT sale at 1 SOL.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 00:00 (UTM)
Cyber Cheetah NFTupcoming nftCyber Cheetah is a collection of 5,555 unique pieces of collectible art, living on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon Network.100 MATIC5555TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 09:00 (CET)
The Society of the Hourglassupcoming nftThink "National Treasure" meets this generation's "Where's Waldo". The Society of the Hourglass (SotH) connects adult nostalgia with a kid-friendly adventure story. Collectors will receive a 1st edition copy of The Society of the Hourglass seek-and-find book. Follow us on Discord to initiate and join the race!0.08 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 10 AM CST
Dogeone NFT #1 Editionupcoming nftDogeone NFT #1 Edition, Real Utilities NFT living on Binance Smart Chain Combining with Artwork of Doge Theme Over 4444 Unique NFT0.25 BNB4444TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 14:00 (UTC)
MIRRORS OF THE EARTH NFTupcoming nftMIRRORS OF THE EARTH NFTcollection of 750 NFTsIn his lively works, Digital Artist Nois7 creates colorful fantasy worlds.0.05750Twitterno linkWebsite11/01/21 16:00 (UTC)
Bread Boyzupcoming nftGet some bread. Give some bread. Welcome to the family..55 SOL1555TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 16:00 UTC
Ze Gardenupcoming nftZEGARDEN: OPERATION SMILEFor every flower you own you will be receiving a friend to help spread the SMILE…🙂 Don’t blink or you may miss the bloom…🙏 ✨ 🌸0.066 ETH7777TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 18:00 EST
WOLF OF THE STREETS (WOTS)upcoming nftYou all are the wolves.We represent the struggle of life in a city. We are all wolves, and like a wolf, we are always at war. This is how the story of WOTS came to be.0.0666666TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 18pm
Random punksupcoming nfta collection of 5,000 random punks that are lurking in the solana blockchain launching early november1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 20:00 UTC
Blue Collar Kings NFTupcoming nftIt was the year 2080 and space travel had become a regular occurrence. Technology had advanced greatly and the idea of a colony on mars was slowly becoming a reality. 10,000 NFT Contractors Emerges..04 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 9:00 AM EST
HashStacheupcoming nftJoin an experiment in charitable giving and metaverse community building.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21 9:00pm EST
Royal Bear Zilla 3Dupcoming nft1000 🐻Bearz on Solana blockchain. These are the most thug and punk bears you will ever find on NFT Metaverse 🌌. We have upcoming gamification and 3D Metaverse launching after our launch.0.35 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 00:00 (UTC)
SheepleNFTupcoming nft1st crypto-activism NFT project & DAO. A combined voice of 11,270 Sheeple lobbying for common sense cryptocurrency legislation. Funding pro-crypto advocacy via direct-action lobbyists in DC.0.8 SOL11270TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 07:00 UTC
gm degensupcoming nftgm degens are a collection of 10,000 collectable NFTs launching tuesday november 2nd at 4:20pm EST/1:20pm PST. each unique piece acts as access for their collector to events both IRL & in metaverse.0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 16:20 EST
Solwormsupcoming nft10,000 Worms living in the Solana blockchain0.3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 18:00 UTC
SolClipsupcoming nftA unique collection of 4444 lovely and funny Paperclips.0.69 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 18:00 UTC
SolSystemupcoming nftEach holder will be a fundamental part of our SOLsystem, as it grows half of the planets will reveal lifeforms among them and to eventually reveal which of those lifeforms become space traveling.0.69 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 20:00 (EST)
SolVaultsupcoming nftA literal store of value in NFT form on the #Solana network 🏦💰.0.44 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/2021 20:00 EST
SwampMonstersupcoming nft6969 SwampMonsters coming to #Solana November 2, 2021. Portion of proceeds donated to fund crypto lobbying efforts.1 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsite11/02/21 8 PM UTC
the7club : ○△□ + Olympic game conceptsupcoming nftIf our Phase 1 EAP(Overall 1,110 Passes) are sold outmacbook pro – 10ea / ipad pro - 20ea / airpods pro – 30 eaThere will be another event apart from the event on 25th of Dec(Christmas).0.0777eth1110TwitterDiscordWebsite11/03/21 00:00UTC
Flashy Flamingosupcoming nftFlashy Flamingos NFT is a PFP that contains 10,000 Mingos with 150+ attributes to make them unique!The first 500 minters on mint day will receive a free Mingo NFT! Mint date Nov. 3rd at 12am UTC!0.9 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/03/21 12:00 (UTC)
Degen Kart Clubupcoming nftDegen Kart Club is a collection of 6,111 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain inspired by Motorsports, Supercars and non-sense.0.5 SOL6111TwitterDiscordWebsite11/03/21 20:00 (UTC)
SolRatsupcoming nftThe SolRats is a collection of 3333 Rats, generated randomly from over 100+ assets. Each Rat is unique with features, identity, and personality combined with many different categories.0.55 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite11/03/21 21.00 (UTC)
Pimpin Penguinsupcoming nft4,444 unique Penguins built on the Solana Blockchain0.25 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 12 AM UTC
GALAXY PANDAupcoming nftLIMITED: 10,000 UNIQUE 3D NFTS ON SOLANA BLOCKCHAIN10,000 uniquely generated, exclusive and collectible 3D NFT with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain.Presale starts December 4thNFT + Token + Gaming1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 16:00 UTC
CypherHumansupcoming nftCypherHumans is a 3D Play-2-Earn Gaming Metaverse with DAO Governance in a futuristic City. The team is doxxed with successful projects on their back. They already shipped an amazing mobile and web app (number 5 on Product Hunt https://producthunt.com/posts/etherfly-by-the-explorers-beta) and completed 20% of an impressive roadmap0,088 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 16:00 UTC
Degen Catsupcoming nftMeet Degen Cats, a collection of 8888 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs . Unique offers such as 50% royalty payments and Degen Kittens Airdrop for holders0.8 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 20:00 (UTC)
MrNFTLottery Sapphireupcoming nft1st Price : 100 Matic2nd Price : 50 Matic (4 members's)Participants : 50 members.Limit per user: 1 Ticket.Fees: 10 Matic Price Distribution : 30 Mins from table close.(Live google random pick)10 MATIC50TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 21:00 (UTC)
Cabinet of Curiosities (Society of the Hourglass Mint Pass)upcoming nftThe Cabinet of Curiosities is a genesis collection (and mint pass) for The Society of the Hourglass tokens. It precedes the main collection and some contain special utilities for rare Society tokens.0.06 ETH685TwitterDiscordWebsite11/04/21 5:00 PM CST
Martian Misfit'supcoming nftMartian Misfit's is an exclusive collection of 5.555 randomly created NFT's of the notorious Martian population, also known as the party kings of the universe.0.055 ETH5555TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 00:00 (PT)
Hamikupcoming nft1833 unique hand-drawn Hamik's who need Player and Guardians.1/456 will get one million USDT0.1 ETH1833TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 16:00 UTC
FOMO Kittyupcoming nftFOMO Kitty is random generated, unique and super adorable kitties living in Solana blockchain.0.3 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 18:00 (UTC)
Demi-Humanupcoming nftDemi-Human is a Taiwan X Thailand co-working 10K PFP NFT project.Each PFP is a 1024px picture, the Demi-Human series also has up to 470 traits.It is an mint-pass (Demi-Pass) of DemiVerse Studio.0.08 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 20:00 (GMT+8)
AI Motion Artupcoming nftFine Art Collection of 700 Paintings synthesized by revolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks. We explore the union between old and new, physical and digital, static and in motion.0.8 SOL700TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 21:00 UTC
Cool Bunniesupcoming nftCool Bunnies are a collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation of Cool Bunnies consists of 3,333 randomly assembled Bunnies.0.03 ETH3333TwitterDiscordWebsite11/05/21 23:00 UTC
Jaguars DAOupcoming nftJaguars DAO - Private Collection of Digital Art Managed By Community0.1 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/06/21 12:00 (UTC)
Eggplant Partyupcoming nft10,000 Deflationary Eggplants | 100% secondary sales to the burn.0.3310000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/06/21 18:00 UTC
Orange Men NFTupcoming nft6,000 satirical Orange Men NFTs Gen 2 blockchain gaming casino Charity donations1 SOL6000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/06/21 4 PM UTC
Corgi Clubupcoming nft5,000 adorable corgis up for adoption, algorithmically generated so each pup is unique.1.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/06/21 20:00 UTC
The New Resistanceupcoming nftRevolutionary blockchain mayhem. 10k killer NFTs. TNR is an exhilarating game, set in a futuristic city. Play as one of 10,000 unique NFTs, earning coin through quests, battles and missions.0.065 Eth10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/07/21 16:00 (UTC)
Doge Apes | Private Clubupcoming nft🎮 NFT Project with Play2Earn GameDoge Apes | Private Club is a unique collection made of 6969 possible combinations. You will be able to stake and breed your Apes to play our NFT Game!Be an Ape, Get a Doge, and save dogs around the world!0.069 ETH6969TwitterDiscordWebsite11/07/21 18:30 PM UTC +0
SneakyWitchesupcoming nft7777 Unique Witches taking over this Halloween. For every 1 NFT bought, you will receive 1 for free of charge for the first 1000 minted2 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsite11/07/21 2
DreamRaceupcoming nftDreamRace is a collection of 7777 randomly generated unique racing cars NFTs on the Solana blockchain, that provide opportunity for their holders to participate the upcoming P2E racing blockchain game1 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsite11/07/21 7:00 PM UTC
Elementals4Fusionupcoming nftE4F is a NFT card game based on #Solana.1 SOL10TwitterDiscordWebsite11/08/21 4 PM UTC
CronosPunkupcoming nftCollection of 10,000 algorithmically generated punks on the CronosChain.750 CRO10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/09/21 22:30 UTC
Magic Marblesupcoming nftMagic Marbles is a collection of 8,888 unique 3D art pieces generated programmatically and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. We have huuuge raffle with 50 ETH ($200,000) to WIN!0.0888 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/1/2021 12:00 UTC
Doki Divisionupcoming nftMassive collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated art collectives that have been hand-picked by other excited boom-boomers from over 750,000 different options.0.075 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/10/21 14:00 (UTC)
Splattersupcoming nftSplatters are a collection of 10,000 ERC-721's living on the Ethereum battlefield. They have over 60 traits and 6 attributes and have a tendency to Splat each other. Urgh!!0.03 eth10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/2021 20.30 (GMT)
Metaverse Racerupcoming nftMetaverse Racer is an ULTIMATE-SUPER Car NFT running on Solana that provide opportunity for their holders to participate the upcoming P2E racing blockchain game.1.0 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/21 20:00 (UTC)
LazyBones SpaceTripupcoming nftLazyBones is a limited collection of 10000 unique program - generated NFT from up to 200 possible attributes, including expression, headwear, suits, and more.0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/21 21:00 UTC
0euvra AIupcoming nft0euvre AI is An NFT collection of 999 pieces of Art Launching on 11/11 on Solana. We aim to create a collection where each piece could be displayed in a gallery. Each piece was created individually.1 SOL999TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/21 22:00 (UTC)
Grumpy Grandpasupcoming nftMeet the first member of our non-fungible family, Grumpy Grandpa.10,000 unique seniors retired to the Solana blockchain.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/21 23:00 (UTC)
SolSandCastlesupcoming nftSolSandCastles comming soon to the solana blockchain2 SOL6666TwitterDiscordno link11/11/21 8 PM UTC
Octopus Game NFTupcoming nftOctopus Game NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on Solana Blockchain. Each NFT represents your ticket to our holders-exclusive Octopus Game Metaverse.2 Sol10,000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/11/2021
DereckTheTurtleupcoming nftThis NFT token will outomaticly and periodicly clean 10-1000 pounds of trash in ocean with #TeamSeas0.1-0.3ETH101TwitterDiscordno link11/12/2021
PrimaDonnaNFTupcoming nftFemale Led 10,000 randomly generated & beautifully hand-drawn PrimaDonna's living on the #Ethereum blockchain. Charities: Female Mental Health & Breast Cancer0.07 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/12/21 18:00 (UTC)
Seoul Starsupcoming nftDesigned by leading Korean K-pop artist agency, HUMAP, with input from famous K-pop stars, Yuna will release her own album and host virtual concerts across the world.0.10 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/12/21 5 PM UTC
CryptoSlimesupcoming nftCryptoSlimes are a collection of 8888 cute 36x36px slimes who have been helped by Gods to escape the slavery they were in and create their own meta-civilization.0.03ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/12/21 9am EST
Shadows of Satoshiupcoming nftOn 3 January 2009, the Bitcoin genesis block was mined into existence in what will forever be remembered as a remarkable innovative achievement. Shadows of Satoshi pays homage to Bitcoin’s creator.0.04 ETH3109TwitterDiscordWebsite11/13/2021 2:00PM (UTC)
Baby Hodlaupcoming nftBaby Hodla is a heart-melting gen-art collection of 9,999 unique NFTs with MASSIVE plans ❤️Amazing art.Companion drop? Oh yes! Merch drop. Charity Donation.0.049 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsite11/13/21 9pm UTC/UK
We Are The Walrusupcoming nftWelcome to WATWWe Are more than a JPEG.We Are a community, a family of dreamers.We Are each fiercely independent yet united by a common creedWe Are the Walrus0.89 SOL8989TwitterDiscordWebsite11/13/21 12pm EST
MetaRockStarsupcoming nftMetaRockStars is a generative NFT project, a tribute to the Legends of Rock.Each MetaRockStar is unique and randomly generated from over 170 possible traits.0.05 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/13/21 17:00 (UTC)
Salsaupcoming nftSalsa is a child-friendly NFT collection on SOL. Our mission is to empower blockchain education for kids.0.8 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/13/21 21:00 (UTC)
Cardano Farmupcoming nftCardano Farm is a story-driven project which follows 5 families of farm animals as they attempt to escape captivity from Old Cardano's farm, and start to fight back. 7000 NFTs over 5 waves.25 ADA750TwitterDiscordWebsite11/14/2021 1900 UTC
Pepper Attackupcoming nftA new NFT Collection with upcoming staking mechanism and play-to-earn game.0.0710000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/14/21 17 UTC
SolToastsupcoming nftSolToasts are a group of 1.500 delicious algorithmically generated toasts that live on the Solana Blockchain. No, you can't eat them. For now.0.2SOL1500TwitterDiscordWebsite11/14/21 18:00UTC
Elite Squadupcoming nftElite Squad is a collection of 5555 hand-drawn and algorithmically generated NFTs. Each Elite Squad NFT is a unique collectible artwork and also a key to enter the DAO with all its benefits.1 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite11/14/21 20:00 (UTC)
The Drunken Academyupcoming nft8,888 academy students with over 100 hand-drawn featuring building an actual school in real life and lots of community giveaways and charity.2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/14/21 20:00 (UTC)
Maskatsupcoming nftJoin us is the mission to create a safe home for these cute kitties on Solana3-4 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/15/21 1 PM UTC
10th-Legionupcoming nft10th-Legion is a MetaVerse of NFT collectibles, Motion Comics, and Gaming Ecosystem.0.055 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite11/15/21 15:00 UTC
Filthy Dogsupcoming nftUnique collection of algorithmically generated 500 animated street dogs. Hosted on the #solana blockchain.0.5 SOL500TwitterDiscordWebsite11/5/2021 19 UTC
Solan Systemupcoming nft-0.5 SOL5800TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
MELTDOWN CHILDRENupcoming nft-1 SOL999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
noop lifeupcoming nftnoop life You never fail until you stop trying.  The noops will join the CNFT family in December 2021. There will be 3.000 generated unique noops in series 1. And that´s just the beginning.no linkno linkWebsiteTBD
Puzzle (Number Place)upcoming nftThe Coolest Dad's is a special collection of 222 Cool Dad’s, randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the coolest Dad's themselves.0.01 ETH500 itemsTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Cardano Amigos Tabaco Harvestupcoming nftTabaco the 2nd Series of the Cardano Amigos Caribbean Collection Website: https://cardanoamigos.com/ Discord:Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
MightyOrcupcoming nft-1.5-2.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Such Shibasupcoming nftSuch Shibas is a much fun collection of 10,000 randomly generated pixel shibas on the Solana network.0.18 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Zippy Zebras NFTupcoming nft-0.5 SOL8000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Daggorzupcoming nft-1 SOL777TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Need For Tractionupcoming nftRacing game on solana including NFTs and 3D simulation. Fastest game on the fastest blockchain.1-2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Sneaky Snakesupcoming nft-0.35 SOL10001TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Northernstarupcoming nft-1 SOL4242TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Sol Clanupcoming nft-6666TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Solana Tigersupcoming nft-0.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Solana Shiba Societyupcoming nft-SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
The Orcsupcoming nft-1.25 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Mad Gorillasupcoming nftPre-sale only for Whitelisted discord members at 7:50 PM UTC, (0.2 SOL)0.33 SOL299TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Notorious Big Head Crewupcoming nft-SOL7777TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
PervyEggsupcoming nft-2 SOL500TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Madbros NFTupcoming nft-0.2 SOL2200TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
MechaBots--0.5 SOL5500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Baby Demon Gang--0.99 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
CrocOGang--0.25 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Baby Sol Punks--0.75 SOL1600TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Deep Thought DJ--SOL8888TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Planet-Us--2 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
MAG Brew Vikings--2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Cyber Dragons--0.33 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Bat City Underground--SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
SolAnime--0.5-5 SOL500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Legend Frog--1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Phanatics--0.5-2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
DeltaNFT--3 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Frking Sausages--0.88 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
RascalsNFT--0.8 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Overtaking Squids--0.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Alpha Gorillas--2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Leopard Syndicate--1-2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Taika University--2 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
CartoonSol--0.25 SOL4000TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
8BIT Pandas--0.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Sol Pixel Birds--1.5 SOL200TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Cyber Cow Society--0.5 SOL3456TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Citizen Pinkupcoming nftMister Pink’s ship lay broken in the scorching alien sun. If he couldn’t find shelter in his Pink Prospector SUV before it lost power, he’d be finished.1 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
ChillAnas-A huge giveaway of 5 555 Sol in case of sold outSOL5555TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Chad Cheetah Country Club--2.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Dino Dash--0.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Solbots Family - Solbot Father--SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Psychic Warriors of Pappataz--1.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
FRED NFT--6667TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Cars'O SOL--SOL1000TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
SOL Flowers--2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Soul Dogs City--SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Stoney Seals--0.95 SOL11111TwitterDiscordno linkTBA
Bastard Reptilians--1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Crypto Mafiaupcoming nftAdorable algorithmically generated doge NFTs2 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBA
Fancybirdsupcoming nftPixel art bird avatar NFTs with future game tie-in0.065 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Enchanted Golems Rock Societyupcoming nftRock society themed golem avatar NFTs0.0765 eth10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno linkTBD
NFT AVATAR MAKERupcoming nftDesignable avatar themed NFTs0.0369 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Moonshotupcoming nftSpace themed NFTs on Binance Smart Chain1,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Golden Eaglez Kartelupcoming nftEagle avatar NFTs0.04 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Metaverse Maraudersupcoming nftGalaxy themed various species avatar NFTs0.1 ETH12,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
PAW THE HYPER LYNXupcoming nftJapanese art style lynx NFTs0.02 ETH10,296 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Entities MinePassupcoming nftMint pass themed NFTs0.1 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Infinity Frogsupcoming nftHand-drawn frog avatar NFTs0.08 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SolPixelRocksupcoming nft10,000 first and unique Pixelated Rocks powered with #Solana2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolPenguinsupcoming nft8,888 SolPenguins sliding around on the Solana blockchain.0.69 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Pixel Penguinsupcoming nft111 Unique Gen0 Pixel PenguinsAuction111Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolaVerseupcoming nftThe Solana Comic Universe NFT/SFT store coming soon to the #SolanaAuction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Rogue Partyupcoming nftRogue Party is a hybrid NFT + Game experience.Based on the story of the animal recruits in a search mission for humans escaped the machine brutality with 5 lead characters Rogue party is launching 25000 unique characters as well a game and e-comic book after 75% of the road map completion150 Matic25000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Mecha Warupcoming nftThe First Mecha Series on #SolanaAuction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Random Access Memoriesupcoming nftRetrofuture inspired collectibles from the block.Auction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLEAGLEupcoming nftSolana Eagle - SOLEAGLE is an exclusive and unique collection of handcrafted digital art on Solana.1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Swansupcoming nftAn decentralized, Exchange and NFT Marketplace on @solana ecosystemAuction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolSkullupcoming nftFirst Skull NFT built on #Solana Blockchain.Auction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Pixel Dudesupcoming nftThe Official Page of @fordudesakes pixel dudes NFTs! Stay up to date on the latest auctions! Game in development.Auction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Deep Sea Jellyupcoming nftJellyfish avatar NFTs10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Virusesupcoming nftHome of #SolanaVirusLab #SolanaViruses #NFT voxel 3D generative #cryptoartAuction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
MetaMorphupcoming nftNeural network lion tamer. Home of the MetaMorph AI machine ft. wild and wonderful animated NFT art collections minted on #Solana--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Ninjasupcoming nftComing Soon™Auction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolPopsupcoming nftThe first NFT Candy Shop on #SolanaAuction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sol Rockupcoming nftPet Rocks On The Blockchain. First and official generation SolRock NFTs on Solana.Auction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Gopniks on the Chainupcoming nft10k gopniks squatting on SOL blockchain3.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Kobra Kaimbeupcoming nft8989 Kobra Warriors with each serving as a key to the Kobra Kaimbe Hondu.06 ETH8989TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Zoodiacsupcoming nft#Solana Zoodiacs, a zoo-building project on Solana using NFTs. 8,888 Zoodiac Tigers living on the #Solana Blockchain.-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Avarik Sagaupcoming nftGenerative knight, archer, and wizard anime character avatar NFTs0.08 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Federal Bread Pitsupcoming nft8765 Unholy TOAST BREADS gonna ACID YOU #Solana #NFT Want some discord?Need some official website?0.5 SOL8765TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Horror Fellasupcoming nft#Solana #NFT Collection with Additional Reality - HORROR FELLAS 10,000 unique works of art.1.2 Sol10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Apes Together Clubupcoming nft3D Ape avatar NFTs with future games0.07 ETH1,250 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
KoinDeckupcoming nftUnique skate deck art NFTsPresale: 0.068 ETHSale: 0.078 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
NFeeTsupcoming nftAn exclusive, members only NFT project on Solana with gorgeous feet.1 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
8TERNALSupcoming nftOfficial 8TERNALS NFT'S Twitter account.1.5-2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Chill Cubesupcoming nft7,777 of the Chillest Cubes! Chill Cubes are unique pieces of digital artwork generated randomly to create one of a kind NFT collectables that double as in game avatars and profile pictures. 0.05 ETH7,777TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
MyPlanetGameupcoming nftNew play to earn game--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Squidsupcoming nftOcean metaverse on mint day with p2e coming soon! 888 playable multiplayer NFTs built on #Solana. Get a Solana Squid to explore the Solana Ocean!1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SolKiddoupcoming nft3,000 Kiddo NFTs on Solana Kiddo wants to play with you all day!1 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Asgard Armyupcoming nftDear mortals, welcome to the Kingdom of Gods--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolPanthersupcoming nft5.000 Unique #Solana NFTs0.3 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Thieves Gangupcoming nftPixel thieves avatar NFTs with upcoming game0.03 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Dogfather Patronus™upcoming nftGodfather and Harry Potter themed NFTs with evolution attributes0.12 ETH4,200 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Wanna Pandaupcoming nftHand-drawn Panda avatar NFTs with utility on comic and art from NFT FANS artists.0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sol Slothsupcoming nft#Solana NFT project. Costa Rica National Symbol. Drops WeeklyAuction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Lightsupcoming nft365 one of a kind NFT art pieces built on photos of the sun. Because the world could use a little more light. 10% donated to House of Gems orphanage in Mexico.Auction-Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
My Little Dinoupcoming nft#MyLittleDino #SOL $SOL #Solana #SolanaNFT0.25 SOL1200Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolUFOupcoming nft10000 algorithmically generated Ufo #NFTs built on #Solana! The ufos will be released in early October! Mint Price: 2SOL2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Buddy Bulliesupcoming nft10,000 NFT Bullies prowling the streets of Solana Blockchain2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Fractalityupcoming nftJoin the discord below to become an early adopter!! 🚀🚀 3333 Fractals dropping on #solana soon!!-3333TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Baller Ape Clubupcoming nft5,000 unique Baller Apes dropping 1 October 9:30PM 21:30 UTC.A baller like club, fighting for a cause on the #solana chain.2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
PointsofColorupcoming nftProgrammed in Processing Generated with Random' input Points ,lines, Colors.0.69 SOL1199TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sunset Solupcoming nftA year long Ai journey through the Solana blockchain, capturing 365 sunset snapshots along the way.-365TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Paladin Pandasupcoming nftWarrior panda avatar NFTs with future game0.03 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Underground Sports Barupcoming nftWelcome to the Underground!A limited collection of 9.500 unique skullz NFTs that get you access to the best Sports Bar living on the ETH Blockchain0.06 ETH9500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
LuxAIupcoming nft10000 unique Algorithm-AI generated artworks by Solana🧚🏻‍♀️ Airdrops,collect and merge for a more unique rarer masterpiece-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Glyphsupcoming nft2,500 glyphs on #Solana1.5 SOL2500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
My Name Is SOLupcoming nftMy name is SOL. NFT Collection0.1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolSphere: Sol Gems NFTupcoming nftCreating Solsphere on #Solana | NFT Project focused on community, philanthropy, and digital scarcity | Coming Oct 2021-6666-9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
MogulWarsupcoming nftMoguls have reached the Solana Chain! A great wizard tricked them in NFTs! Get yours! Launch date TBA - target October0.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SolBoticsupcoming nft#Solana 10,000 generative NFT1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
BattleDronesupcoming nftHand-Drawn NFTs | Solana | Play2Earn #GameFi | $BDNT Token Airdrop | WhitePaper:1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Y2123upcoming nftRace against time in the year 2123 to save what's left from climate change. 10K #NFT powered by #solana. 100% of Royalties go to DAO for community+conservation.-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sol Invadersupcoming nft5,000 Generative Aliens Preparing To Invade The Solana Blockchain Soon - 40% Of Royalties Will All Be Redistributed To Holders Weekly💰 - Powered By #solana0.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Lost World’s Herbariumupcoming nftAn innovative algorithmic generative art NFT project, built on #Solana. A three-part generative art platform with a novel shotgun-type auction.0.618 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Ruptureupcoming nftIntricate drawings that seek to highlight uncomfortable truthsAuction5TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Baby Rangersupcoming nftUnique babies from all walks of life themed NFTsPresale: 0.01 ETHSale: 0.06 ETH13,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Doge Fight Clubupcoming nftBoxing themed dog avatar NFTs0.1 ETH6,200 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
PigeonGang NFTupcoming nftPigeon NTFs with future animated seriesPresale: Free (1st drop)Sale: 0.06 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
BlockBotsupcoming nft3D voxel themed robot NFTs with combining featureFree for 1st 2kTBC for the rest9,998 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The G.O.A.T. Collectionupcoming nftThe 3D high-quality collective base of the G.O.A.T.'s of our time. Exclusively on #Solana2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
BitBoatupcoming nftFirst complex NFT project on @Solana It’s a generative shipyard which will generate both captains and boats. @SolariansNFT http://discord.com/invite/bitboatAuction7TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
AirGuitar Academyupcoming nftIf you own any of the other #SOL #ETH #NFT project out there you will be able to play for free.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolCLoudsupcoming nftA cluster of 8888 unique clouds has entered the Solana atmosphere. What will the forecast predict?1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Horny Dragonsupcoming nft10,000 original cutest and hand drawn collectible Dragons on #Solana. Join us at the Dragon paradise on Discord http://discord.gg/xHag7xdDzX2.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
GodsOfSolanaupcoming nftGodsOfSolana is a NFT project born on #solana blockchain with total of 10,000 unique NFTs and 100+ attributes. https://discord.gg/j8ttbKNQWQ-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
RustBotsupcoming nftAn advanced NFT collection like you've never seen. Joining all aspects of robot society! The bots of Solana have arrived! Find your RustBot and join the swarm!--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
ForgeBotsupcoming nft3D generative robot NFT collection created to live on #solana for eternity. Existing to support STEM/Art non-profits.-5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Clewless Wurmsupcoming nftContribute to our limited-run collection with your own fully customized Wurm NFT! Join the expedition to colonize the Great Unknown... launching October 2021.2 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Shroomiesupcoming nftShroomies are a 3D/AR collectible NFT soon to embark on an epic origin quest filled with challenges, treasure, and much more.2.5 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Pixel Monstersupcoming nftPixel Monsters are 1000 uniquely generated collectible characters stored on the Solana blockchain | In Pixels We Trust!Auction1000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Sol Crypto Planetupcoming nftExclusive Generative Pixel art #NFT market built on #Solana-100Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Solana Spaceshipsupcoming nftHitch a ride on the Moon mission with #Solana SpaceshipsAuction-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLifeupcoming nft#SOLife is a 'play-to-earn' #NFT strategy game on #Solana blockchain.3.99 SOL5000/5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Pixel Bears Clubupcoming nft299+ randomly generated pixel bears on the Solana Blockchain.Auction100TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Timeless Mastersupcoming nftTimeless Masters 1st Edition is a unique collection of limited NFT cards10 SOL10TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Gym Ratsupcoming nft500 gym rat nfts on the Solana blockchainAuction500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
HappyHappiesupcoming nftExperimental NFT Art Project. Every single #HappyHappies is handmade with love, fear, sweat, & bloodAuction1000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SOLdiersupcoming nftA battalion of 9999 2D+3D NFT Soldiers dropping 21 September.--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Wedding Ringsupcoming nftNFT Alert! Love comes to the Solana blockchain!Show your love is eternal with gorgeous engagement/wedding rings for everyone.1+ SOL10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolRidesupcoming nftSolRides provides stylish NFT rides for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Mint your favorite sports car. SolRides cruises down the Solana blockchain.1 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Sharks Of Solantisupcoming nftSolantisNFTs | Open the gates to the lost cryptic city on #Solana Blockchain. Season I minting starts September 20212 SOL6900TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Galaxy Soloupcoming nft10,000 algorithmically generated planet gaming project using #NFT's collection living on the #Solana Blockchain.1.75 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Dazed Raccoon Space Clubupcoming nftWelcome to our #SpaceClub! The most baked #Solana NFTs in development!2-5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Solnight Ridersupcoming nft6900 high quality car #NFTs built on #Solana coming to the raceway soon.4 SOL6900TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
NeoPets Metaverseupcoming nftNeopets living in the Neopia blockchain metaverse #Solana-20500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Elemental Tokensupcoming nftElemental Tokens are derived from the table of elements. They are made for your metaverse pleasure.0.03 SOL118Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Samo NFTupcoming nftThe symbol of the Solana ecosystem’s memes token Join us and let us be your guide in the crypto world!-5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Dead Bunny Studioupcoming nftDead Bunny Studio is a storefront aimed towards publishing creative & unparalleled gaming (NFTS) We aim to deliver unique visual moments based on top games--Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Lit Jesusupcoming nftFine art generative NFT's powered by #Solana-777TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Soliensupcoming nft10,101 starseeds waiting to be discovered #NFT project built on #Solana-10101TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Dogs on the Blockupcoming nft10,000 uniquely hand drawn dogs coming to the #solana2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solmoon Planetsupcoming nftWelcome to our Metaverse! #Solana--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Solanautsupcoming nft500 ◎G Solana Collectibles!-500TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Rogue Shark Academyupcoming nftWelcome to the tank all of you #Solana sharks | An NFT project with real social impact-5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Playgroundupcoming nftGenerative Artwork Immutably Stored on the--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
BWO Ducksupcoming nftUshering in a new world order with 9999 ducks-9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Shit NFTsupcoming nftMagic Solana Shits is a collection of 10,000 unique generative #solana-15000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Sol Bunniesupcoming nftWelcome to the official SolBunnies Account! 10,000 Unique Collectible Bunnies-10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Koin Koiupcoming nft10,000 unique #NFTs on #Solana5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Cyber Trollsupcoming nft10,000 randomly generated trolls are waiting to travel the Solana blockchain rewarding you with commissions FOREVER-10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Soldragonsupcoming nft10,000 Beautiful 3D Dragons3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Dirty Pandasupcoming nftLaunching SOON3.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Rock DAO Solanaupcoming nft100 Unique NFT's - A DAO of Solana Builders, Artists & Whales - Profit Sharing With All Holders #Solana #NFTAuction100TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Buterin Roseupcoming nft9.999 unique generative art collectibles created and stored with love on Ethereum. Pick up a Buterin rose and discover unique and unthinkable patterns influenced and personalized by your Ethereum balance. The first NFT collection to introduce utility layering that utilize all traits.0.0580 ETH9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Shokujiupcoming nftHello everyone, discover the SHOKUJI project.With a mint of only 3000 nfts representing onigiris with an Asian inspiration.In addition to the unique generation of nfts, a rarity system is included in the generation of items, allowing the nfts to be valued.Take your chopsticks and eat them!https://www.shokuji.space/4 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Silly SOLothsupcoming nft10,000 randomly generated silly sloths on #Solana3 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Trippy Bunny Tribeupcoming nftWelcome to the Trippy Bunny Tribe1.11 SOL-TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
World of Whalesupcoming nftFavourite book - Moby Dick, Favourite film - Free Willy, Favourite Biblical character - Jonah1 SOL5555Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolMasksupcoming nft5000 Unique Minted Masks #solmasks5 SOL10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
ThisisSpaceupcoming nft500 Unique Photos of the galaxy/night sky.5 SOL500TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Dinosolsupcoming nftSolana-based NFT project. Launch date to be announced!4 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Ivory Magicupcoming nftIvory Magic coming to #Solana - be prepared!-20TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Car Collectiveupcoming nftThe first hand-curated pixelated automotive NFT.--Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Anti Social Robot Clubupcoming nftBringing NFT play-to-earn to #Solana 4,444 Robots,-4444Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Pixel Pooupcoming nft$SOL Solana NFT SHIT Party. DEFI & NFT SHIT smells good--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solhana Sad Bearsupcoming nftShorting Solana since $3. A parody NFT collection by @7labsNFT--Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Solhana Bullsupcoming nftAn NFT collection. In progress. Frenemy with @solhanabears--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Enigma Expansesupcoming nftDNN NFT based on #Solana2.5 SOL1024Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Space Bumsupcoming nftSpace Bums is the first extra-terrestrial NFT community. Join us on a Virgin Galactic flight!6 SOL-TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Afrobubbleupcoming nftReally cool Afro bubs on #solana5 SOL9999Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Defi Printer Societyupcoming nftDefi printer society - We are coming in waves0.8 SOL777TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Skeleton Crewupcoming nft10,121 algorithmically generated, hand-drawn spooky skulls5 SOL10121Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Billionaire Bulldog Crewupcoming nftBillionaire Bulldog Crew4.2 SOL420Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolRexupcoming nftSolRex is generative NFT in Solana0.5 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Panda Crewupcoming nft5,555 uniquely generated collectable Pandas1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
RNFTzupcoming nftRNFTz is highly influenced by the work of @BalajiS @aeyakovenko, and @cyrii_MM.2 SOL30000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
PixSol bullsupcoming nft10,000 algorithmically generated, exclusive collectables on the Solana Blockchain. Launching soon! Check out our website and get to know our PixSol Bulls.3 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolRanNFTupcoming nftThe drawings were created randomly in the Python program in accordance with the mathematical expression.5 SOL99Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolStarbaseupcoming nftSTARBASE is a #Solana #NFT Astronauts Community. Would you like to fly the Moon or the Mars? Or maybe to the deep space?-10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Xperimentupcoming nftExperimenting with new concepts for generative NFTs on SOLANA1 SOL1800TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Orc Racing Clubupcoming nftWelcome to the Orc Racing Club. 10,000 Unique Orcs-10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Solstronautsupcoming nftMeet the SolStronauts, unique procedurally generated travelers exploring the SolSpace universe #Solana--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Spicy Chicken Clubupcoming nft10,000 randomly generated angry chicken #NFTs on #Solana3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLootupcoming nftLoot the Solana space for randomly generated items and abilities. Minting soon..0.75 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Lunariaupcoming nft#Solana NFT project with a mission to deliver the best-in-class art-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Penguinsupcoming nft6,666 Adorable and unique algorithmically generated Penguin NFTs on #Solana. Mint price: 0.1 $SOL0.1 SOL6666TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Lazy Heroesupcoming nftLazy Heroes are 10k randomly generated and unique hand drawn heroes on Solana2 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Nasty Boysupcoming nftThe Nasty Boys is an unique collection of hand illustrated #NFTs launching on #Solana. Roadmap coming soon.--TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SUNKSupcoming nftThe first animated 3D punks on Solana, lives in @tenthvillagenft First 2 drops sold-out instantly1.9 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solclopsupcoming nft3333 Cute Cyclops roaming around on the #Solana Blockchain-3000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Wall Street Punksupcoming nft6 characters, Each Character 2000 generative unique collectible NFTs.1-2 SOL6000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Belugiesupcoming nft8k Gen1 generative #nft project w/ social impact by 14 yr old @peachsundayYT & fam 🐋🌊 | not just another pfp collection | 0.85 $SOL mint price0.85 SOL8000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLEX.watchupcoming nftThe watch NFT project on Solana, created by watch makers and collectors #SOLEX #Watch #NFT #Solana2 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
DIMEZupcoming nftA unique collection of 3D dime bags - Mint price .5 ~ 1.5 SOL (TBD) - Reselling @ DigitalEyes - GUARANTEED TO SELL OUT SEPT.-0 - 10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Krunk Roachupcoming nftKrunk Roach's NFT launching soon. Launching 10,000 NFTs on Solana Chain Network. Pre Sale. Get Whitelisted1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolaKittiesupcoming nftSolaKitties are first 10,000 unique pixel kitties on the #Solana blockchain. Launching late Sept, exact date to be announced!2-3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Blubber Buddiesupcoming nftWhale alert! 8000 of the friendliest fins in #Solana0.5 SOL8000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolElvesupcoming nft9999 random generated Elves for #Solana2 SOL9999TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Lazy Hipposupcoming nft10,000 lazy & thug Hippos living on #Solana | Launching soon3 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
oneline.familyupcoming nftsmall collections of handcraft, one line artworks #Solana2 SOL100TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sol Tubbiesupcoming nftAlgorighmically generated, unique, collectible 1/1 NFTs on #Solana1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
21000000.ARTupcoming nftCheck what's the meaning behind a number or generate a profile picture with a number on our website.2 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Clown Town 3Dupcoming nftOn Solana blockchain the NFT named The Clown Town is a place for the the outcasts connected by their madness.2 SOL6000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Solbitchesupcoming nftWe are the baddest bitches on Solana. Only 1000 mint 1 sol each1 SOL1000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Solana Birbsupcoming nft5,555 unique, algorithmically generated #Birbs living on the #Solana-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Fate of Billupcoming nftFirst underworld Solana NFT Card collectible on the #Solana Blockchain.1 SOL150TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Waifu DAO Solanaupcoming nft10,000 Generative Waifu NFT's on the Solana Blockchain - 1 SOL Mint - 50% of Sales go to the DAO Treasury & Holders get to vote how funds are used #Solana5 SOL10420TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolStonesupcoming nft10,420 stones found exploring the unbeaten paths and frontiers of the wild #Solana4 SOL9800TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
WingZeroupcoming nftThe official WingZero NFT collection Twitter1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Gem Heroesupcoming nft5000 Unique Probabilistic algorithmically-generated characters w/ rarity mechanic--TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Pixsolsupcoming nft(coming soon…)2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
NFTreesupcoming nftNFTrees are 10,000 unique trees planted on the #Solana blockchain.3 SOL11444TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
RudeBrosupcoming nftRudeBros is a collection of (14,444) randomly generated NFTs picked from (300+) different hand drawn assets.3.5 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Pogsupcoming nftCollectable NFTs that you can play for keeps!0.5-1.5 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Silly Kittiesupcoming nftGenerative, cute family friendly and silly kitty NFTs on #Solana1 SOL20000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Algo Scapesupcoming nftComputer generated landscapes based on existing Images on Solana.2 SOL50TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Hazy Hipposupcoming nft1 of 10,000 algorithmically generated, unique, stoned & collectible Hippos is your key to joining the Horde!3 SOL10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
arex galleryupcoming nftThe algorithmic art gallery on Solana. We are not live yet, so join our giveaways!-150Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolOwlsupcoming nftWelcome to the roost. 10,000 randomly generated owls patrolling the night skies on the Solana blockchain. Hoot hoot, everyone-10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Sollyfishupcoming nftWill you dive into the #Solana Ocean?-8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Infamousupcoming nftInfamousNFT is a community-funded, adult-rated cartoon series launching SOON on the @solana network3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Sloth Republicupcoming nftThe Sloth Republic is a collection of both common and extraordinary sloths living in the Solana Blockchain! Join our discord to learn more info!0.5 SOL100TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Swampy gatorsupcoming nft10,000 Crazy Gators lurking in #Solana swamps COMING SOON-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Plush Fight Leagueupcoming nftPvP fighting #Game building on #Solana-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolCityupcoming nftThe most beautiful nft on Solana. Coming soon… http://solcityscape.com5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Little Lemon Friendsupcoming nft8888 Little lemons that fell from the giant lemon tree1.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Soalasupcoming nftCollection of 10,000 unique hand drawn automatically generated on Solana blockchain0.8 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Artificial Pizzaupcoming nftArtificial intelligence generated, tasty pizzas baked on the Solana blockchain1 SOL100TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Eyeballzupcoming nftEyeballz is the first collection in the Creaturez metaverse created by artist Vann J. Every Eyeballz holder will receive a free airdrop of our next project!2 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
G-Fox NFTupcoming nftG-Fox NFTs are 10,000 randomly generated collectible Fox NFTs boolin on the #Solana1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solar Bunniesupcoming nftThe Official Twitter for Solar Bunnies | Gain access to the Bunniverse soon... #Solana3 SOL8888TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Cyber Pharmacyupcoming nftNFT project combining the digital age with ancient plant medicine. Coming soon.-8888Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Generative Pixel Masksupcoming nftFirst generative pixel art on #Solana. 6666 unique masks total. Soon. Follow me and be part of The Game6.66 SOL6666TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SOLTurtleupcoming nftWelcome to the Gang, all your #Solana Turtle's | To enroll, purchase one of the 10k Turtle's collection2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Infinity Labs: Scenes from the Solverseupcoming nftSCENES FROM THE SOLVERSE on @solana late Sept. 8888 scenes. 1 beautiful collection. Lore posted daily-8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Lucky Dragonsupcoming nftWelcome to Lucky Dragons metaverse! 10,000 Generated NFTs powered by Solana2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
GanSolupcoming nftCreating the first Online VR Museum for the #Solana Blockchain.1-1.5 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Quackzupcoming nftJoin us at Discord to discover endless curated NFT treasures inside the whirlpool : https://discord.gg/N87nwtwyHx3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolWarriorsupcoming nftSolWarriors are 5555 unique warriors of the Kingdom of Solana. If you want to become a real Solana Warrior, Join to Solwarriors. In this adventure, Play to Earn game and, comic book in which you can decide the fates of the characters, are waiting for you.2-3 Sol5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
PixelApeupcoming nftThe Pixel Ape are 10,000 unique pixel characters, created by a custom algorithm on Solana blockchain.3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Soloth Street Clubupcoming nft10,000 awesome Soloths will soon be hanging around the Soloth Street Club on the #Solana blockchain. Website launch soon!2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Dark Horizonupcoming nftOnly the brave breach..... {~Jhene-3x4A~}5 SOL8686TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Joylina's Cantina Trading Cardsupcoming nftJoylina's Cantina is a curated collection of trading card NFTs with randomly generated stats and perks on the Blockchain.-12500Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Wildfire Nativeupcoming nftGenerative art on #solana2 SOL322TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solnutsupcoming nft10,000 randomly generated Solnuts with unique backgrounds, dough, icing, toppings, jelly, and other features are available to mint on the @Solana blockchain!2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
BobaBuddiesupcoming nft8084 of your favorite Bobas and toppings brought to life! You name it, we have it. | 1 SOL mint price |1 SOL8084TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolSpectersupcoming nft10,000 specters roaming the wasteland after the great gas war. Powered by #Solana Coming soon.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SolGuardiansupcoming nft10K unique & badass collectible troopers, aka: SolGuardians! on the #Solana blockchain.-10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Krypto Kronicupcoming nftCannabis Themed NFT Collections & Industry Activist.0.5 - 1 SOL3100TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolPandasupcoming nftWelcome to the SolPanda club!! Minting soon... on #Solana3 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Kangaroo Fight Clubupcoming nft10,000 unique Kangaroos in a fight club. Generative NFTs for use in upcoming boxing blockchain game. #Solana #KangGang3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
NFBeesupcoming nftCreating a hive for all. Enabling creators, building community, creating opportunity. Coming soon to #Solana2 SOL8888Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Pilgrim Societyupcoming nftDeploying pilgrims on #Solana0.75 SOL6969TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
The 0xGenerative Artupcoming nftThe next generation of generative art built on @solana0.99 SOL9999 (Auction) + 999 (Airdrop)TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLdreamsupcoming nftNFT art collection of AI deep dreams. All of them are generated letting a neuronal net dreamAuction (starting from 1 SOL)250TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
STRATOS NFTupcoming nft10,000 algorithmically generated, cute, collectible stratos on #Solana.adopt an #Astro and join us on our ride on the bubble !-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The NFeeTsupcoming nftThe hottest NFT collection coming soon to #SOL!2-3 SOL10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Galactic Gecko Space Garageupcoming nftDare you enter the Gecko Garage? GGSG is #Solana's first NFT Social Adventure Club. Let's Ride5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Haikanaupcoming nftHaikana The first collection of generative Haikus on Solana. Check out the discord for mint details.0.5 SOL250TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
ICONICSupcoming nft8,000 Iconic’s on solana blockchain, follow discord and 0.5 Sol to mint TBA0.5 SOL8000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Punkteeupcoming nftFirst decentralized clothing brand on Solana. Who will be the best dresser on the blockchain?4 SOL500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
CyberLionsupcoming nft10,000 distinct lions generated on Solana. All NFTs will be divided arbitrary & fair in our launch. Be aware of scams! We will never reach you.3 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SGF Unitedupcoming nft1st Community Owned Sci-Fi Media House on #Solana. 10k Cyborg NFT's w/t deflationary tokenomics.0.99 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolKongsupcoming nftJokes on you! There are no rules. Come and join the SolKongs Club! First Kongs on Solana!2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
FutSOLupcoming nftHandmade Collection of 5,555 FutSolers on the #Solana Blockchain. Website Coming Soon! #SolanaNFT2 SOL5555TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Degen sLootupcoming nftDegen sLoot is the first ever de-generative gear stored on the Solana network. #nft #degen0.5 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Lucky Bunniesupcoming nftLucky Bunnies the most exclusive and adorable NFT Collection. Come join the good luck!0.8 SOL555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Leadersupcoming nft#Solana P2E Project using NFT. Currently in development Conquer others and lead your empire to entire supremacy!-1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
CryptoAmulets Solupcoming nftAuthentic Thai Amulets as NFTs !!!!1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Soltatoesupcoming nftA humble Potatoe Farmer on the Solana Blockchain. 10,000 randomly generated, funny, wacky Potatoe NFTs. Hold em, trade em, stick em in a stew.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
GhostCardsofSolanaupcoming nftGCS NFT is a new project with a friendly team.In the future, we plan to build an NFT card game based on the Solana blockchain.3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Rescue Muttupcoming nft10,000 Mutt’s launching on the #Solana Network. 20% of funds to be donated to Non-Profit dog rescues. Discord - https://discord.gg/rq36Xa8ufe-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solsteads Surreal Estateupcoming nftSolana's first surreal estate collection.You vote on the price! Minting with the Fair Launch Protocol.-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solccoonsupcoming nftSolccoon designs are still worked on 🙂1 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Earthians NFTupcoming nftBeauty, Diversity, Pride, Identity. 10000 unique Earthians on Solana.5000 Ladies first! Website Coming! Minting Mid-September!1.5-1.75 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Cryptobees NFTupcoming nftWelcome to the Academy. A sustainable #NFT project built on the #Solana blockchain.-10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
The Daily Paperupcoming nftNew NFT project coming soon. Built on #Solana with #metaplex1 SOL365Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Dogfather NFTupcoming nftBook publisher and merch giant enters NFT! SOON...Earn passive SOL from Top NFT & ART flipping and our 3 stores! New Discord...3 SOL4200TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
NFTeesupcoming nft100 NFTees w/o the Gas Fees ••• #NFTees #SolTees #Solana #SolanaNFTs1 SOL100TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
FluffyKittenupcoming nftAdopt a Fluffy Kitten into your #Solana Wallet.10,000 unique kittens.Generated from handcrafted skins and traits.-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Nifty Cookiesupcoming nftThe most yummy NFT collection on solana ! "One cookie a day keeps the doctor away"0.88 SOL8888Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Mekasolupcoming nftAlgorithmically generated 10.000 unique Mekasol’s are waiting you to take control! Website and discord coming soon.1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SOL Tigersupcoming nftAwaken the fierce beast in you. Will you be able to tame it ? on #Solana.-5499TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
BabyPunksupcoming nftBabyPunks has a New #NFT Project Launching soon Join our Discord to be whitelisted http://discord.io/babypunksofficial Win A Free NFT ask how-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolSocksupcoming nftGet Ready for 1000 Generative Socks, Coming SOON!0.1 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Brave Armyupcoming nftWelcome to The Brave Army. Get your NFT passport to make your mark on history. #Solana. Only 3k passports on launch.1 SOL3000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Sol Pugsupcoming nftSol Pugs | Launching on Solana! | Pugs to be used in our upcoming gaming NFT Market Place1-2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Autonomous Scoop Shopupcoming nftWe churned em' too slow, and now they're self-aware. Oops.-4848TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Bromato NFTupcoming nftBadass Bromatos growing in the #Solana fields. Half of all minting proceeds go directly to helping feed the world!2-3 SOL3888Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
SolBikersupcoming nftNo journey is too long with the right company.2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
MInerDwarfsupcoming nft5000 MinerDwars coming soon #NFT project built on #Solana2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Splendid Sloth Solcietyupcoming nft10,000 Splendid Sloths Hanging on the Solana Blockchain3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solana Lettersupcoming nft1,198 unique #Solana NFTs. Each is a unique 3 letter word with a custom background color. Work together with the community to play collaborative games soon!0.25 SOL1198Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
The Sullenupcoming nftAfter the invasion in 2055, society was destroyed.The survivors are called...the Sullen.3 SOL9999Twitterno linkno linkTBD
Broadcastersupcoming nftGenerative art broadcaster themed avatar NFTs0.04 ETH7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Caring Creaturesupcoming nftUnique creature themed avatar NFTs with evolution attribute0.07 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Inglorious Orcs Brawl Partyupcoming nftOrc avatar NFTs10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Museumupcoming nftGenerative avatar NFTs with continuously morph feature0.04 ETH4,800 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Platinum Polar Clubupcoming nftPolar bear NFTs on Solana3 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Preposterous Pigs Dining Clubupcoming nftProsperous, perceptive and pretty themed pigs0.035 ETH7,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Street Dawgsupcoming nftStreet dogs themed avatar NFTs7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Surging Bullsupcoming nftWelcome to the Surging Bulls | Be a Bull and join the Herd | 2000 hand drawn Bulls coming soon to #Solana |3.5 SOL2000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Something's Fishyupcoming nftSomething's Fishy in the Metaverse | 8888 mobster fishes are here to take over. Unlocking pre-release date at 1k. #Solana2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Ninjas On Solanaupcoming nftNinjasOnSolana • Boutique NFT project consisting of a total of 300 unique and collectible NINJAS0.5 SOL300TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Dazeeupcoming nftCreating unique mesmerizing #NFT art collectibles named Dazees.3 SOL2000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
FreakyHamstersNFTupcoming nft3333 freaky super cute Hamsters. Join our crazy #Solana release!1 SOL3333TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Pup Filthyupcoming nftWork hard. get your hands dirty.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SOLar Systemupcoming nftwelcome to the SOLar System0.2 SOL500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Mumble Rapperzupcoming nftThe Next #NFT Collection Launching On #Solana Coming Up Soon! Building The FUTURE of Metaverse Concerts! Join Discord: https://discord.gg/YYYycKpW1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solagonupcoming nft7,777 algorithmically generated cute little baby dragon #NFTs living on the #Solana blockchain.2 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
10K SOL Projectupcoming nftFirst of its kind #Solana NFT project. The million dollar homepage reimagined. Be a part of this moment in Solana’s NFT history.-10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Golf Solupcoming nft5,000 randomly generated Golf cars driving down the #solana Roads. Launch date: TBD. Minting for 2 $SOL.2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
ChainMythupcoming nft5v5 FPS game with MOBA mechanics, featuring character NFTs ! Collection of 5K 2D and 5K 3D artworks!1.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolPooupcoming nftSmells Rare - Shittiest NFT on SOL Launch Date: September 14 11:59 UTC Only 8,888 mints available1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SuperSol'supcoming nft5000 uniquely generated SuperSol’s coming to save the World of Solana. #Solana Blockchain. $SOL (COMING SOON)1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
The SolCube NFTsupcoming nftFirst Hand Made Collection of 5,555 CUBE NFTs with variety of species and traits on the Solana Ecosystem.1 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Unirexcityupcoming nftA world where Unirexes roam the Earth at their own will. Stay tuned, for one of the most innovative & creative NFT project... #OwnToEarn-11111Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
Helpless Societyupcoming nftAn exclusive Society bridging premium fashion with digital collectibles 9,999 helpless beings, hand illustrated by @notbzhou Powered by #Solana1.5 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Strategic Tactics RPG $STACCupcoming nftWhenever I say 'word to the wise' I'm generally dropping you a bit of alpha. Whenever I say anything in #contests I'm about to airdrop some quantifiable alpha.0 SOL-TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
solteamzupcoming nftCryptonal Design. Creativity in the blockchain. Projects include @144_pixels and solteamz.1-1.7 SOL117TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolHockeyupcoming nftSoon on #solana1 SOL500TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Drippy Penguinsupcoming nftA collection of 5000 randomly generated Penguins. Mint Price 0.10 SOL (WEBSITE and DISCORD SOON)0.1 SOL5000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolCitiesupcoming nft9,999 3D levitating cities of the metaverse on Solana.2.9 SOL9999TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Apex Tigersupcoming nftSoon...2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Dogmonautsupcoming nft10,000 algorithmically generated 3D NFTs coming to Solana. Membership Club, IRL Events, Airdrops. Not a metaverse. #nft #solana3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Frenchy Frendzupcoming nftFrenchy Frendz.™️ a collection of NFT’s living on the #Solana Blockchain. Check out our socials to find out what we’re about. The illest doggos on the block.-11111TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
SolDucksupcoming nftA bunch of "Duck, Duck, GOOSE!" on #Solana! A collection of 3,200 ducks programmed on the blockchain!0.5 SOL3200Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SOLucky Stonesupcoming nftSOLucky Stones is an #SOLANA #NFT brand but also a game where you can try your luck. Trade stones to create a unique collection and win real SOL.2 SOL12300TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
NGen Artsupcoming nftNext Gen Arts || Built on Solsea & The #Solana network || Releasing on 20th of September 🚨|| Most unique art pieces all generated with code ⚡️0.45 SOL1000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Pungent Pumpkingzupcoming nftSoon...1-2 SOL6666TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Lands of Gardentheo Lunanessaupcoming nftA hybrid world of biology, technology, fantasy, and pure wilderness. One independent artist’s series of creations.3 SOL2000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
The Steve´s 3000upcoming nftYear 2169, Planet #Solana. 5555 different NFT cyborg, The Steve's 3000, the result of a failed experience from Dr.Guerosol in the GM corp lab.1.69 SOL5555TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Chewing Beaversupcoming nft5.000 Chewing Beavers with over 130+ traits are coming to #Solana soon!1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Primate Social Societyupcoming nft10,000 Social Primates Building a Society opensea.io/collection/primate-social-society-official0.05 eth10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
The Bean Team NFTupcoming nftThe 4,000 no bullshit beans living on #Solana2 SOL3500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Koalanaupcoming nftWe're sending 6969 Koalas NFTs to the moon, on a #solana powered rocket !!1 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolPilgrimsupcoming nft10,000 uniquely generated Pilgrims journeying towards the world of #Solana Blockchain. $SOL2 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsiteTBD
ZombieFrogsupcoming nftZombie Frogs NFT is a upcoming NFT Project on the Solana Blockchain.0.888 SOL888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solatarsupcoming nftA Collection of 10,000 generative dope arts that represent your cyborg-self.1.5-2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Titanzupcoming nftOne Alliance. Four legendary crypto pioneers. We are Titanz. Built on #Solana https://discord.gg/Titanz1 SOL4500TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Abstract Labsupcoming nftArt Studio On Solana - Exploring Abstract/Generative/3D Art2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Gruesome Goblinsupcoming nftIt’s about time #Solana got some HD art-10000TwitterDiscordno linkTBD
Tasty Toastysupcoming nftToast themed NFTs0.07 ETH13,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
SolVampiresupcoming nft10.000 wild solana vampires generated by random algorithm Launching #Solana mint date will be announced soon1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
TheWalkingChainupcoming nftWhen horror meets generative art : #TWC 10,000 unique generative Walker/Zombies NFTs on #Solana Discord: http://bit.ly/TheWalkingChain1.31 SOL10000Twitterno linkno linkTBD
SolSistersupcoming nftA unique, allegorical collection of NFTs representing a new era of sustainability within the NFT world.2.5 SOL10010TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Mutant Tortoise Warriorsupcoming nftWhen the world fell into chaos and destruction was imminent, Mutant Tortoise Warriors rose from the sea to save mankind.2 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
TRIPPYsupcoming nft8,888 unique and tweaked out TRIPPYs, generated from tons of individualized traits, rooting from modern pop culture!2.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Crypto Catupcoming nftA Collection of 2000 uniquely generated Crypto Cats Surviving on the Solana Planet0.3 Sol2000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Animal Warriorsupcoming nftWelcome to the NFT Jungle of Animal Warriors🦁 7,777 warriors ready to fight!0.05 ETH7777TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
CryptOcean X Mermaidupcoming nftCryptOcean is the underwater Ecosystem for NFT art. Our metaverse is swimming with limited rare creatures, created by 3D artists.TBA11111TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Bitcoin Billionairesupcoming nftA collection of unique pixel art NFTs from the creators of Bitcoin Billionaire, the hit mobile game with over 10 million downloads.0.09 ETH13337TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
CatchKingupcoming nftThe CatchKing Explorers are 5,555 randomly generated NFTs based on the main character of our in-development video game. Visit our website on desktop to play the demo!SOL (TBD)5555TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Cyberbotsupcoming nftUpgradable 3D animated robots. Each one with a separate theme and special parts.All of them have a possibility of being upgraded with various parts from other Cyberbots.60 ADA608TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD
Solastronautupcoming nft9999 astronauts from a galaxy far far away, destined to revolutionize the Solana 3D Animated NFT metaverseTBA9999TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD TBA
Crypto Assassinsupcoming nftOwning an Assassin grants initiation into The Brotherhood, where you will have access to the top NFT/Crypto influencer calls before the general public does.2.5 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD TBD
Post Apocalypse Clubupcoming nftThe year is 4021. Survivors have built 10,000 3D surreal spaces on a remote island in another dimension. Explorable in Augmented Reality, the beginning of a social network for the metaverse..08 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD TBD
Crypto Kooksupcoming nft1,000 unique CRYPTO KOOK NFT’s to be launched exclusively on the Solana Blockchain.0.6 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD TBD
Kaeru Kingdomupcoming nftA Kingdom of deflationary frogs warriors on Cardano.28 ADA4444TwitterDiscordWebsiteTBD TBD
Skullxupcoming nftSkull avatar NFTsTBA10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite09/25/21
METAMONZupcoming nftIn-game animal character NFTs with upcoming game0.077 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/06/21
DRRT / Degenerate Robot Raving Tribeupcoming nftUnique robot themed NFTs with music industry utility0.07 ETH9,090 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Bullish Llamaupcoming nftMost rare bullish themed llama NFTs collection drop0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Metasaurs by Dr. DMTupcoming nftUnleashed dinosaur avatar NFTs0.07 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Reflective Collectiveupcoming nftReflective themed avatar NFTs0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
SolDadsupcoming nft10,000 bloody cool 3D-Dads collection on the #Solana5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Cryptoverasupcoming nftCryptoveras on #Solana, are a generative NFT collection that celebrates the vibrant cross section of Dia De Los Muertos and Latino culture in the metaverse1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordno link10/14/21
SolRoyaltiupcoming nftWelcome to the Royal Jungle existing on Solana. We are (4444) Royal Bengal Tigers.0.25 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Dope Cow Clubupcoming nft5499 Dope Cows grazing on Solana, ready to be used in upcoming metaverse farming game!TBD5499TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
MathFlowersupcoming nftMathFlowers are one-of-a-kind work of art created with sophisticated algorithms and advanced image processing technology. They are unique as there a over a trillion possibilities, but only 3333 will ever be minted. Each MathFlower is animated.MathFlowers are our genesis collection and will serve as a Mint Key for all our future projects.0.08 ETH3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Daughters of Rainbow NFTupcoming nftStreet-portriat-based art themed NFTs0.05 ETH999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
iPunkupcoming nftCryptopunk & Apple derivative themed NFTs0.045 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Mafia vs Policeupcoming nftMafia vs Police themed NFTs on Solana1 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Entitiesupcoming nftGecko avatar NFTs0.1 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
MetaBlobsupcoming nftUnique character avatar NFTsFree100,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Rekt Racoonsupcoming nftRekt themed raccoon avatar NFTs0.09 ETH9,986 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
J-Corp | Battle of Godsupcoming nftHero themed anime character NFTs0.0666 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Trash Pandazupcoming nftMischievous themed raccoon NFTs0.03 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Yellow Giant Societyupcoming nftGiraffe avatar NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Shadow Legionupcoming nftOrc and undead zombie avatar NFTs0.03 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Jungle Freaksupcoming nftZombies & gorillas cartoon NFTs by George Trosley0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Foxy Foxesupcoming nftFoxy Foxes is a collection of 7,777 unique Foxes — unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. Each Fox is algorithmically generated to feature a special combination. The collection has more than 17 million possible combinations.0.01 ETH7777no linkDiscordWebsite10/14/21
Panda Paradiseupcoming nftPanda avatar NFTs with utility and game0.08 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Dragons of Midgardupcoming nftDragon themed NFTs with future game tie-in0.06 ETH / 3 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Pivotal Pinsupcoming nftBowling pin themed NFTs0.03 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Secret Scroll Societyupcoming nftUnique secret scroll themed NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Krubberverseupcoming nftUnique 3D duck avatar NFTs0.08 ETH11,111 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Hot Cactus Clubupcoming nftUnique cactus avatar NFTs with future game0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Creepy Creamsupcoming nft-0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
The Peacock Societyupcoming nftPeacock avatar NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Paper Guysupcoming nftAvatar NFTs with utility and game0.05 ETH15,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
STARCATSupcoming nft3D Cat head themed NFTs0.05 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Katana 64upcoming nftJapanese inspired warriors themed NFTs0.04 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
The Martiansupcoming nft3D martian themed NFTs0.08 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Boss Babe Squadupcoming nftBoss babe themes NFTs on Solana0.5 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
CyberMythicsupcoming nft10,000 CyberMythics on #Solana. All art is made in-house. Launching Oct. 15.3 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
The Baby Blobsupcoming nftA collection of generative interactable genetically cute blobs!2-4 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
The Time Keepersupcoming nftThe Time Keepers is a collection of 7200 NFTs living on the #Solana blockchain.3-4 SOL7200TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
BadBoysupcoming nftWelcome to Exclusive Badboys #NFT art | Built on #Solana Blockchain | Generate 7500 unique Badboys | Mint Price .30.3 SOL7500Twitterno linkWebsite10/15/21
Aiternate Universeupcoming nftInteractive and contemplative art NFT. AI generated. Powered by #Solana2 SOL999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Secret Duck Societyupcoming nftSecret Duck Society is an #NFT project launching on #Solana October 15th, 2021.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Chaos Theoryupcoming nft6,720 Programmatically Generated #NFTs. First semi-mutable collectibles on the #Solana Blockchain!1 SOL6720TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Solbustersupcoming nftA collection of 10,000 NFTs built and living on #Solana blockchain. Choose your destiny here at2 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Solarnautsupcoming nftOn a mission to make top-tier art accessible to all. #NFT #Solana0 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Ninpo Gakkoupcoming nftNinpo Gakko is a collection of 8888 randomly generated Ninja NFTs with 100+ hand drawn traits inspired by Anime !0.08 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
Pixelmemesupcoming nftDenty - who is it?! These are our teeth! 10,000 randomly generated digital images that represent a unique collection of teeth and their emotions! Presale is Started!30500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
SolanaEarthupcoming nftSol NFTCG is an NFT card game fully playable on the Solana blockchain.2 SOL2222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
YeetDAOupcoming nft10000 Crazy Chicken just left the farm, would you get one before they ran away?1.13372136Twitterno linkWebsite10/15/21
500 Projectupcoming nftDigital fish with embedded utility, roadmap includes staking to earn $CAVIAR, breeding, a DAO, 10+ eth in giveaways and a professional storybook featuring your Bois.0.055 ETH500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/15/21
The Coolest Dadsupcoming nft2652 pairs of playing cards on the blockchain. Token holders will have access to monthly card tournaments with prizes for top players. Token holders will also receive a physical playing card deck (with all of our unique card designs) and periodic drops.0.07 ETH222TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Crypto Presisupcoming nft100 Artworks and Cards playable. Inspired by street Arts0.04 ETH1821TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
AxoNinjasupcoming nftWe want to create the first VR Online Museum for the entire Solana Ecosystem. Here you can take the NFTs in your wallets to a new dimension by exhibiting them in our museum, you can also have a really good time with the other visitors of the Museum!.0.08ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
ConstellatioNFTupcoming nftDeep within the Solana Mountains you’ll find this new species known as Pizzly Bears. What is a Pizzly Bear, you ask? Pizzly’s are the mix of a polar bear, and a grizzly bear. Pizzly’s are cute, sweet, and swagged out. From the headwear to tattoos and tons of accessories. Pizzly Bears have arrived, and have a unique sense of fashion taste.25 ADA3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Pixel Invaderzupcoming nfthe Pixel Invaderz NFTs are unique alien civilizations conquering the galaxy.1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
AxoNinjas!upcoming nftDAO-focused project that provides passive income to holders. 1% if secondary royalties to original minters for life, even after cactus NFT is sold and 4% to holders. 5% funds the CacDAO which is used to fund the ideas of community members.0.08 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
NFTeamsupcoming nftSport teams theme NFTS0.08 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Border Rabbitupcoming nftHand-drawn rabbit army themed NFTs0.05 ETH7,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Voxel Villeupcoming nft3D ville themed NFTs0.05 ETH500 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Pudgy Pigeonsupcoming nft8,888 Pudgy Pigeons flying in the #Solana metaverse.2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
NYAN Heroes (pre-sale)upcoming nftBecome a Nyan Hero & save real cats! Play2Earn Join our Discord: http://discord.gg/nyanheroes Telegram: http://t.me/nyanheroes/ Medium: http://nyanheroes.medium.com3 SOL11111TwitterDiscordWebsite10/16/21
Elemental Magicianupcoming nft"5,555 smashing & unique NFTs.The minters buying the pre-mint(Limited:333) collection will get 100% royalties forever !"0.06 ETH5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Dreamersupcoming nftAnimated 16-bit avatar NFTs with musical loop0.06 ETH15,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Space Kubzupcoming nft3D designed character NFTs with mobile app game0.11 ETH11,111 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
ZomZomsupcoming nftBaby zombie themed NFTs0.03 ETH6,666 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Bald Dudes NFTupcoming nftCelebrating baldness themed 3D art NFTs0.05ETH6,969 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Scammergangupcoming nft6969 'unique' NFTs with #Solana1 SOL6969TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Magical Landupcoming nft5,555 Cute Creatures from 5 different Species on Solana | Get 55% Royalties and Free Virtual Land Companion airdrop |1.55 SOL5555Twitterno linkno link10/17/21
Bohemian Bulldogsupcoming nftBulldog avatar in the bohemian themed NFTsPresale: 0.05 ETHSale: 0.09 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Oceans Inc.upcoming nftSea creatures themed NFTs with upcoming gamePresale: 0.08 ETHSale: 01 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Shogun S侍muraisupcoming nft8,888 S侍murais sharpening their swords for battle...0.08 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
ABOMINATIONSupcoming nftDisgusting unique character themed NFTsPresale: 0.055Sale: 0.06610,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Toxic Lake Monster Clubupcoming nftIn-lake monster themed avatar NFTs0.069 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Crypto Monster Clubupcoming nftCrypto Monster Club is a collection of 7,777 unique and adorable crypto monsters deployed on the Ethereum blockchain under the EIP-721 non-fungible token standard and hosted on IPFS.0.055 ETH7777TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Sleepy Shark Beach Clubupcoming nftWelcome to the Beach, Sleepy Sharks! To get access, please visit0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21
Rogue Party Pre-Saleupcoming nftRogue Party is a hybrid NFT + Game experience*. it is based on the future true story of the animal recruits in a search mission for humans after being thrown out of the planet by the machines.(*Subject to road map completion)150 Matic25000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21 11:00 AM
HypeBlocksupcoming nftHypeBlocks is the hypest collaboration of on-chain generative artwork. A collective of crypto artists from across the metaverse have gathered here to share works of profound beauty and inspiration through the language of hypecode. There are 3 curated collections of ascending rarity: Curated, Limited, and Hype.0.0 Eth16384TwitterDiscordWebsite10/17/21 12:00 PM
Mean Menupcoming nftRaising Funds through #NFTart for building an NGO that promotes Self Love & Helps people suffering with mental health. #MeanMen0.07 ETH11111TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Soulless Solomonupcoming nft“Russian dolls” is a collection of 10,000 NFT created using the ERC-721 standard. The collection is a mixture of hand-drawn works of art and a random creation process."RussianDolls" strives to become a well-recognized creative brand in the industry of children's books, children's comics, educational games, and e-commerce aimed at children.1 - 2 SOL7777TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Ambitious Antsupcoming nftAnt avatar NFTs0.06 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Shiba Family : Shiba Manupcoming nftFamily themed shiba avatar NFTs on SolanaPre-sale: 1.3 SOLSale: 1.5 SOL7,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Pumpkin Patchupcoming nftPumpkin and cute cat themed NFTs drawn by JJJ0.06 ETH5,100 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Baby Apes Rescueupcoming nftBaby ape themed avatar NFTs0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Gasless Geeseupcoming nftGeese avatar NFTs on Solana1 SOL3,333 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Party Degeneratesupcoming nftRebellious spirit art themed NFTsAuction start at 2.5 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Gorilla Club NFTupcoming nftGorilla avatar NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Quokka Empireupcoming nftQuokka avatar NFTs0.069 ETH9,669 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Dober Cityupcoming nftUpper-class dober citizen themed NFTs0.066 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
ELITE DOGE CLUBupcoming nftDoge themed avatar NFTs0.01 ETH100,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Mark McKenna's Heroes and Villains: PASSupcoming nftHero & villain themed avatar on Solana6 SOL1,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno link10/18/21
Daimon Slayersupcoming nftAnime styled NFTs with upcoming game0.06 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Creepiesupcoming nftHaunted themed art NFTs in black and white0.0666 ETH6,666 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Kingsupcoming nftLion avatar NFTs0.09 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
The Exotic Gentlemen’s Societyupcoming nftGentlemen of 6 different species NFTsPre-sale: 0.06 ETHSale: 0.08 ETH10,001 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Broke Boyz : B-Blockupcoming nftBroke Boy avatar NFTs0.069 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Oni Roninupcoming nftJapanese Haiku death poem themed NFTs0.0888 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
GeckoVerseupcoming nftGecko avatar NFTs with future game0.07 ETH7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordno link10/18/21
Big Brain Gangupcoming nftThe big brain themed avatar NFTs0.05 ETH7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Zwickiesupcoming nftCute alien themed NFTs in game1.5 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Silly Goose Comedy Clubupcoming nftSilly themed goose NFTs0.05 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Hallowieniesupcoming nftDachshund dog avatar NFTs1 SOL3,333 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Fennec Thug Associationupcoming nftThe Thugest & Cutest #NFTcollectibles made with love on #Solana - 8,500 unique avatars from around 1 billion combinations - Presale start 10/18 for Fennec OGs.1.5 SOL8500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Bearseumupcoming nftThe most valuable art collection of this civilization is kept in a museum called Bullseum.0.08 ETH5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Great Brains Clubupcoming nftShowing the brain themed avatar NFTs0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordno link10/18/21
Blockchain Ballersupcoming nft10,000 Ballers ready to start your franchise with you. Only on Solana. Minting live October 18, 2021.0.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordno link10/18/21
Chill Owlsupcoming nftSorry, but I'm the second smartest bird on this planet #NFT #Solana #SolanaNFT #SolanaNFTDrop Join our Discord community0.88 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
SolOwlupcoming nft9999 hand-drawn bit-art Owls generated in #Solana Blockchain Forest2 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Pixel Lamboupcoming nftAmazing handdrawn pixel perfect Lambo NFTs (someone say blue chip? ) On #Solana http://discord.gg/cpJ3seJM Drop coming soon! only 3900 made.0.99 SOL5555Twitterno linkWebsite10/18/21
Hellcatsupcoming nft“A sunny place for shady people” HELLCATS are uniquely generated digital collectibles living in harmony on #Solana1.08 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/18/21
Raccoon Kingdomupcoming nftJust for pre-sale, 30% Treasury gifted & $11,000 airdropped! Wildlife Charities - Digital Comic Book Air drop - Candy Machine - NFT Utility - Community Driven!.79 SOL4777TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
Alligator Country Clubupcoming nftAligator avatar NFTs0.07 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
Glass Galaxyupcoming nftPlanet themed NFTs0.03 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
Covatars NFTupcoming nftCovatars is a generative NFT collectible project of 10,019 unique avatars inspired by the current historical event of the pandemic with a fun light-hearted twist.3 SOL10019TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
Mortified!upcoming nftNinpo Gakko is 8888 randomly generated Ninja NFTs inspired by popular Anime on the ETH Blockchain!0.05 ETH5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
Betting Kongsupcoming nftWe are making a online casino with bot crypto and nft gambling. All the profit is shared with the Kong owners!0.08 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/19/21
ASCIISmilesupcoming nftThe unique project inspired by the "LOOT (For adventurers)". All metadata saved on the Ethereum blockchain. This gives ability to create many projects based on ASCII Smiles. 10000 unique ASCII smiles waiting for your adoption.Not set currently10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Ethclusivesupcoming nft3D handmade in-game character NFTs0.08 ETH10,033 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
SolBlocksupcoming nftBlock themed character NFTs0.5 SOL5,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Decentralized Bone Societyupcoming nftSkull themed NFTs with future game0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Sol Petsupcoming nftGenerative pet NFTs on Solana1 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Animal Societyupcoming nftAnimal avatar NFTs designed by CryptoPunk Traders0.05 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Godspeed Metaverseupcoming nftManga-style hand-drawn avatar NFTs0.088 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Degen Tradersupcoming nftDegen cartoon avatar NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
SuperGirlzupcoming nftFemale superhero in anime & superhero mash-up style NFTs0.07 ETH7,142 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Women's Rights NFTupcoming nft-1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Family Phallus Planet - #FAPPupcoming nftFamily Phallus Planet - FAPP is an Ethereum Blockchain planet with 8888 generative body-positive 2.5 inch NFT Phalluses.0.08 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Solanioupcoming nftofficial twitter account for http://solan.io3.5 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
PunkPandaNFTupcoming nftLaunching Monday October 20th 20211 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Agronomist NFTupcoming nfthttp://Agronomist.tech a multichain farm observer project0.5 SOL2345TwitterDiscordWebsite10/20/21
Reptilians For Goodupcoming nftGood reptile themed avatar NFTs0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21
Swashbucklersupcoming nftTake What You Can, Give Nothing Back #SOLANA Setting Sail Soon1.11 SOL4444Twitterno linkno link10/21/21
The Pigeon Socialupcoming nftPigeon avatar NFTs0.08 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21
SolArc NFTupcoming nftSoliseum is a PvE/PvP gaming project using NFTs, powered by Solana and Serum.Soliseum will be a turn-based P2E RPG with tradable NFTs.0.35 SOL1500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/21/21
Bad Girls Initiativeupcoming nftThe Bad girls initiative is a collection of 6666 randomly generated bad girls revolting on the Ethereum. There are 3 part in this series and second(upper body) and third part(lower body) will be airdropped to the first part holder.0.066 ETH6666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
The Floor NFTupcoming nftBuilding themed cartoon style NFTs by DAHRPresale: 0.07 ETHSale: 0.0777 ETH7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
CryptoHashesupcoming nft10,000 hand drawn, totally unique mutant NFTs melting their way through the Ethereum Blockchain, dropping on 15th October at 0.07 ETH.Our team is fully doxxed, donating to children’s charities. Community wallet and development of game alongside $ICE token.0.07 ETH8603TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
Ghosts of Solanaupcoming nftGhosts of Solana are a collection of 10,000 NFT’s that will spend the rest of their afterlife on the Solana Blockchain. Our project’s plan is to have a community that enables ideas to grow in the Solana community. Ghosts of Solana NFT’s will feature a Monthly Royalty Disbursement in which 50% of all Royalties generated will be distributed monthly to all our holders. Providing a community in which like minds can imagine and develop new tools for the Solana community is what we aim to do! Please take a look at our Roadmap below to see what’s ahead!.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
Picatarupcoming nftPicatar is a collection of 10,000 unique Abstract Modern Art NFT art pieces randomly generated & stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Picatar art piece is generated with a completely unique combination of 396 traits. There are 500 'Super Rare' and 50 'Rare of the Rare' in the Picatar collection, and these rare art pieces are animated. Picatar brings artistic designed avatars to the next level with abstract modern art in NFT profile pictures. All final Picatar art pieces including metadata will be stored on IPFS.0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
PopHeroupcoming nftThe 1st generation consists of 5,555 randomly assembled little ghosts with over 60 different features.Each Mort is completely unique, made up of different hats, faces, body parts and outfits. And Mortified! is just the beginning: these little ghosts have big plans to take NFT land by storm!40 ADA5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
Dentyupcoming nftDenty - who is it?! These are our teeth! 10,000 randomly generated digital images that represent a unique collection of teeth and their emotions! How do our teeth feel during the holidays, trying carbonated drinks and sweet cakes? Or when we go to bed with uncleaned teeth? And what do they feel when the mouth opens and first a magnifying mirror looks into it, and then the awesome eye of the dentist?!membership certificate for future subscriptions to continuous monthly painting NFTs.Inspired by the Japanese sakura style of painting, Sakura Apes expresses the orientalbeauty of restrained lines.- Painting exhibition on Roblox, Co-ownership investment program0.005 ETH - 1 ETH10 000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
RussianDollsupcoming nftBarong is a symbol of victory from goodness. He became a spiritual protector for the Balinese people. Barong is believed to increase the aura of positive spiritual energy for mankind. Despite being a symbol of virtue, Barong's form can seem scary to some people0,0510000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
Savage Harpies Clubupcoming nftEpic collection of 8888 NFT for those who dare to join the war led by these fighter women1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21
Super TP Brosupcoming nftAll Super TB Bros are custom generated on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.3,333 rare and unique Super TP BrosGain access to our Super TP Bro Club that includes daily prizes, merch, and more!Fair launch and distribution: all TP Bros cost 0.03 ETH (+gas)You own your NFT! ERC-721 contract.Win super fun prizes through our roadmap!0.03 ETH3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/22/21 12:00 PM
Unique Unicorns' Unionupcoming nftThe Adorable Ninjas you should never ever f*ck with.Each AxoNinja is Randomly generated from over 100 traits. Each one is unique and could easily mess you up.AxoNinja has some traits unlike other Generative collections you may have seen before - Fresh, bold, and colorful - A new way of thinking about what a generative collection can be.0.055 BNB10 000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Pure Pineapplesupcoming nftPineapple NFTs0.04 ETH6,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Magic Shroomiesupcoming nftUnique mushroom avatar NFTsPresale: 0.035 ETHSale: 0.05 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
SolanaKidsupcoming nft5,100 kids will soon come from the planet #Solana1.5 SOL5100TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Retrowave Deerupcoming nftThe 80s themed deer avatar NFTs0.05 ETH7,777 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Mini Botsupcoming nftUnique robot themed NFTs on Solana1.5 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
SunnySlothsNFTupcoming nftSunnySloths is a collection of 8888 randomly generated sloths embracing the slow life on the ETH blockchain. Don’t hurry, be happy!0.038 ETH8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Sol O Lanternsupcoming nftA #Solana collection of 9,999 randomly generated Sol O' Lanterns0.2 SOL9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Chicken Mafiaupcoming nftChickenMafiaNFT on #Solana 9969 (MINTING 23RD OCTOBER) Unique #NFT's to be minted on http://chickenmafianft.com1 SOL9969TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
Pineapple Apple Pen (PAP)upcoming nftThe RREC is the first equestrian club on the Metaverse, the branching and digital expression of different styles, identities, accessories is present at all times in our collection. Ric Rac is a winning show jumping horse from the physical world that finally decided to join the Metaverse.0.1 SOL1000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
CryptoBrijesupcoming nftHand crafted hybrid animals themed on Polygon0.05 ETH15,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/23/21
DiamondDawgsupcoming nftIn a world where men are taught to hide their emotions and suppress their feelings, we at Mean Men strive to change that narrative. It is time to stop being mean to ourselves and learn how to love ourselves instead.0.07 ETH7000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21
The Photon Projectupcoming nftQuantum generated particles NFTs0.06 ETH9,998 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21
SCUMBAG$upcoming nftOfficial Twitter for SCUMBAG$. 9999 SCUMBAG$ on #Solana1 SOL9999TwitterDiscordno link10/24/21
Solmonupcoming nftPixelart digital monster themed NFTs on Solana1.5 SOL9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21
PunkPortraitsupcoming nftPunkPortraits are 1080 x 1080 pixel art collection with AI written into it's code. P2E Game In The #Decentraland Metaverse.0.01510010TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21 02:00 AM
Solsy The Whaleupcoming nftEach Solsy is hand-made and unique. This is third weekly drop. Solsea floor now: 0.9 SOL for common NFT. We will start the drop from 0.15 SOL | 52 common, 10 Rare, 32 uncommon | Supply: 100 only!0.15 SOL100TwitterDiscordWebsite10/24/21 06:00 PM
Solyvernupcoming nftThe Solyvern collection features 1,500colorful wyverns (dragons) built on the Solana blockchain. Our guidingprinciples are community focus, rewarding holders, low emissions, lowminting price.0.4-0.6 SOL (will be decided by community)1500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Crypto Buddiesupcoming nftCollection of 5,000 unique Buddy NFTs living in a fantasy cyber world on the Solana blockchain1 SOL5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
CrooksNFTupcoming nftBuilding the Crookiverse on #Solana http://crooksnft.com 🐾 Choose your family, fight for rewards. 10% to charity.1 - 1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Spark Sharkupcoming nft3333 combinations of unique Spark Shark on Solana! 🦈 http://sparkshark.art0,33 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Foxvilleupcoming nftFoxville.app is the First Decentralized Farm Gaming NFTs on Solana.0.5 SOL2500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Space Ghouliesupcoming nft10,000 generative Ghoulies on #Solana // Season 1: Halloween spawning Oct 251.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Foxville NFTsupcoming nftFoxville is NFTs & Gaming Platform user experience friendly and aims at evolving as a community.0.5 SOL2500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Cybernautsupcoming nft"CYBERNAUTS is a collection of 10,000 NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain.The CYBERNAUTS are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. They will be landing on the Cyberverse at a minting price of 0.06 ETH."0.06 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Ghoulie Gangupcoming nft10,000 generative Ghoulies on #Solana // Season 1: Halloween spawning Oct 251.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
The Modzupcoming nft3D Meta fashion avatar NFTs0.05 ETH5,555 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Fighter Turtles Clubupcoming nftTurtle avatar NFTSPresale: 0.055 ETHSale: 0.077 ETH5,555 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
SolPresidentsupcoming nftFirst presidential NFT collection on Solana blockchain, 46 Presidents of the USA + 4 World Leaders, 50 individual traits. Limited collection of 10,0002 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Coollama Gangupcoming nftThe Coolllama project is a collection of 8,888 unique randomly generated Coollamas living on planet PXON9 with a Community-based story game including deflationary and rewards mechanisms1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Wukong Solupcoming nftWelcome to “The land of Wukong Collectible artwork and RPG board Game on10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
Steampunk Hamstersupcoming nftHamster avatar NFTs with future game0.08 ETH10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
The Billionaire Doge Clubupcoming nftRich themed dog avatar NFTs.0.04 - 0.0610,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21
OctoWorldupcoming nftUnique Unicorns' Union (or 3UNI, Triple UNI club) is a club of unique, talented, inspiring and ambitious holders of amazing NFT unicorns' collectibles. In our club, you will find contests, giveaways, quizzes, joint meetings, and a friendly and cozy atmosphere among like-minded people. Let's unite in a club of unique people!0,04 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/25/21 04:00 PM
PsychoBatsupcoming nftImagine The Possibilities. 7777 NFTs, each containing a unique set of randomized numbers between 1-100.0.44 SOL4444TwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21
Angry Bunnyupcoming nftA utility first NFT project focusing on long-term rewards for the holders1 SOL8888Twitterno linkWebsite10/26/21
Fishbowl Heads NFTupcoming nftCute fish themed avatar NFTsPresale: 0.036 - 0.042 ETHSale: 0.042 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/26/21
L◎ST S◎LS CLUBupcoming nftA limited collection of 9,512 unique hand-drawn NFTs with hand-painted backgrounds (a first on the Solana blockchain). Over 140 unique attributes, $25,000 going to charity, a percentage of royalties always used to buy up the floor, an epic lore video, extensive roadmap, weekly airdrops, a doxxed team, and more - details at LostSols.club.1 SOL9512TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21
Goblin Laboratoryupcoming nftThe goblin laboratory is upon us. Upload your consciousness to a wetware surrogate and board the ark into hyperspace.-5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21
Pigabooupcoming nftCartoon-style piglet avatar NFTs0.05 ETH3,333 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21
EtherTroopersupcoming nftRebellion themed 3D avatar NFTs0.1 ETH8,888 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21
KwyptoKadoupcoming nftCute avocado avatar NFTs0.077 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21
Block Heroes - First ever 1001 Hand Drawn Collectibleupcoming nftWe go against every NFT standard and we're doing the first-ever hand-drawn collectibles, because people deserve to own something unique. (Raffle Phase)0.04 ETH1001TwitterDiscordWebsite10/27/21 10:00 PM
Cryptone™upcoming nft𝗡𝗙𝗧 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 / 𝗝𝗣𝗘𝗚 𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗾𝘂𝗲1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21
CrazyChickensupcoming nftCrazy Chickens are an Exclusive NFT collection of 10.000 pieces, hosted on the #solana network. Born from the craziest farms of the Solana Land.1.5 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21
Altered Art Reality airdrop by METAWALLSupcoming nftMETAWALLS is the new NFT platform inspired by, and built for Berlin’s artists. METAWALLS is bringing Berlin’s vibrant Street Art culture into the Metaverse and the world of blockchain.FREE625TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21
SquidApe Game - NFT survival gameupcoming nftNFT survival game on BSC, Bettor system for guessing winner!• Win up to 200BNB• Community-based survival game• NFT integrated BETTING system0.5 BNB456TwitterDiscordWebsite10/28/21 05:00 PM
G.O.A.T. Collectionupcoming nftG.O.A.T. is a 3D high-quality collection that is inspired by the crypto leaders of the New World. Our collection consists of 10,000 unique G.O.A.Ts. ready to dominate the Solana blockchain world.2-3 SOL10 000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
Reservoir Dogesupcoming nftReservoir Doges NFTs Four thousand uniquely generated NFTs hired by Satoshi Nakamoto for passive gains and big lottery wins.1 SOL4444TwitterDiscordno link10/29/21
The Panda Clubupcoming nftA collection of 5,555 programmatically generated pandas.0.5 SOL5555TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
Chicken Tribeupcoming nftChicken Tribe is an NFT project built on #Solana with 10,000 unique NFTs. Minting on October 29th for 0.99 SOL.0.99 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
Crypto Music Clubupcoming nft10 000 unique #casseths, featuring the most popular musical artists, will be hitting the first ever Crypto Nightclub #NFT. http://casseths.com0.0810000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
Fancy Girlsupcoming nftFancy costume themed avatar NFTs with future game2 SOL10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
SIPHER : Sipherian Flashupcoming nftNeko character themed NFT with 3D in-game charactersTBC10,000 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/29/21
OG Otters Organizationupcoming nftAdorable otter themed avatar NFTs0.08 ETH9,999 TotalTwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Dogevspepeupcoming nft8,888 algorithmically generated, unique, memetic & collectible Doges and Pepes.1 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Playmate Societyupcoming nftIn the upcoming metaverse of Playmate Society and its partners, each member will be able to use a unique, personalized avatar to move freely in the metaverse.TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Billionaire Bats Clubupcoming nftExclusive 7500 Members Only Club. Focusing on Utility for the Metaverse & Real World. #Solana Mint a Bat - 30/10/2021 8PM UTC 🦇2 SOL7500TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Haunted Pumpkinsupcoming nft#NFT Project. 5k unique #pumpkins-5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Wicked Witch Worldupcoming nft4,444 unique Penguins built on the Solana Blockchain.0666 ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
MiniBotsupcoming nft10,000 MiniBots living on the #SOLANA blockchain!1.5 SOL5999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21
Bumping Ugliesupcoming nft5000 Beautifully hand drawn NFTs on Cardano chain. Amazing community. Play to Earn. Roadmap is ridiculous!40 ADA5000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/30/21 02:00 PM
Sunrise Haiku NFTs Minting and Giveawayupcoming nftCryptoSkins MC is a collection of 2,500 Minecraft skin NFTs. Each skin is usable in-game and has been randomly generated with handmade assets created by me.Pre-sale for 0.0575 ETH and Public sale at 0.1 ETH575TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21
The Walking Chainupcoming nftWhen horror meets generative art : #TWC 10,000 unique generative Walker/Zombies NFTs on #Solana1.31 SOL10000Twitterno linkWebsite10/31/21
Solmateupcoming nftA collection of 3,333 unique digital souls living on #Solana. 1st life simulation game on the #Solana0.7 SOL3333TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21
Blood Lordsupcoming nftHungry for blood? Coming soon to #solana3 SOL20000TwitterDiscordno link10/31/21
Sollessupcoming nft666, Oct 3I2 SOL666TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21
The Citadel Titlesupcoming nftA #Solana NFT project based on the Crypto Citadel meme.0.5 - 1 SOL10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21
ValhallaHisptersupcoming nftValhalla, the hall of slain warriors, who live there blissfully under the leadership of the hipster Odin. Valhalla is splendid palace with free Wi-Fi where the warriors do freelance gigs, brew beer, feast on the flesh of a boar slaughtered daily and made whole again each evening.0.07ETH10000TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 12:01 AM
Hypecultureupcoming nftHypeculture is a streetwear clothing brand that integrates blockchain technology. Buy, sell or exchange NFT for real exclusive clothing.-9999TwitterDiscordWebsite10/31/21 11:59 PM
Something's Fishy (pre-sale)upcoming nft8888 uniquely generated NFTs to be used in our upcoming game. Donating 20% to2 SOL8888TwitterDiscordWebsite11/01/21
Super Fruit - NFT X Gamefi X DAOupcoming nftSuper Fruits are NFTs being minted on the Solana Blockchain.1 SOL10000Twitter