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13 Apr 00:00 UTC
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 Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) is a NFT created and supported by the expertise and resources of the fully doxed, established, and audited Defi Yield Protocol!


 Each NFT is randomly generated from over 190 traits and each cat is outfitted with a luxury watch that will heavily impact rarity levels! These NFTs will be available on the Ethereum network and will cost .08 ETH to mint starting April 13, 2022.


 Each CAWS minted and held will give the owner a chance of winning one of 5 Rolex watches being given away. The more CAWS minted and held the greater the chances of winning!


 10% of minting fees returned to holders!


 Holders will be able to mint an additional FREE standalone watch NFT for each CAWS owned!


 CAWS NFTs will be able to be staked to earn real Ethereum rewards. The more CAWS owned the greater the rewards!


 CAWS holders will have exclusive access to the CAWS Metaverse platform supporting P2E and virtual reality functionality!


 CAWS will be available to buy and sell on the secondary market through OpenSea

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